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    hi all... need step by step help on how to install downloaded themes from my desktop to my iphone (using firmware 2.2, jailbroken w/quickpwn)... did some reading and also downloaded trasmit to help w/the file sharing and that's were i'm at... any suggestions?.. thanks
    2008-12-09 10:21 PM
  2. Broomhead's Avatar
    How to SFTP Winterboard themes

    1. install OpenSSH
    (from list of apps available from Cydia)

    2. install winterboard
    (from list of apps available from Cydia)

    3. Get a SFTP program to SSH to your iphone from your computer
    (MAC FuGu--Wiki Guide / PC WinSCP--Wiki Guide) Transmit will work also

    4. SFTP settings: Server will be your IP address of your iphone, User = root, password = dottie or alpine.
    (get your iphones IP address from Settings->Wifi->click the arrow next to the wifi network you are connected to. you'll then see your IP address)

    5. Winterboard themes go in /Library/Themes/ , this is the directory you'll place your themes. each theme should have it's own folder.
    2008-12-09 10:25 PM
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    thanks... i just finished reading your reply to someone else's question about the same problem... is transmit ok to use or should i use fugu? i know it's a lot to ask, but can you walk me through setting up & using transmit or fugu?..
    2008-12-09 10:54 PM
  4. Broomhead's Avatar
    I use and love Transmit, But its not free.
    Fugu is free and the wiki guide is pretty good. Give it a try and report back
    2008-12-09 11:00 PM
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    ok... for some reason when i did a search for tranmit, i was able to go to the apple download site and download it for free v. 3.6.7... just in case, i also downloaded fugu... i guess we'll start w/transmit... i have transmit opened and put in all the info you posted (just one question, under user do i put "root" or is that the root to something else)?.. and i have the theme download on my desktop... what's the next step?
    2008-12-09 11:19 PM
  6. Broomhead's Avatar
    Correct the user is root
    Server = your ip
    user = root
    Password = alpine
    Port = 22
    protocol = SFTP
    2008-12-09 11:22 PM
  7. 87878661's Avatar
    ok... and then?..
    2008-12-09 11:27 PM
  8. Broomhead's Avatar
    Hit connect.
    2008-12-10 05:16 PM