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    Hi there,

    Welcome to the preview thread for the Red Ace Theme. Updates will be posted in this post in bold, and all attached preview images (watermarked for security) will be kept up-to-date with every update. Theme completion percentage and release date is an estimate of the amount of work finished, and is is no way a promise!


    Theme Name: Red Ace
    Type: Complete GUI and Sound Replacement
    Percent Complete: 15%
    Expected Release Date: Mid-January


    Graphics Design

    Proserpine [Jaime Prose]

    Sound Design

    Blacklock [Matthew Blacklock]

    UPDATE: 7th Jan. 2008

    I've been busy these past few days looking for work, and now that I've found a full time job, work on the theme is going to go slower. Because of that, I will at least try to get a basic functional theme ready for release by January 15th, and then release updates as they come. I am still determined to make this a complete GUI replacement, it will just take a bit longer now.


    UPDATE: 31st Dec. 2008

    BIG update! As you can see, I've modified the area above to be all nice, and show more information. My friend Matthew Blacklock has teamed up with me, and he'll be doing the sound design for a completely new and fresh sound set to go with the theme. He is a professional, has a degree in sound design, and has done sound effects for movies, video games, websites, and all manner of impressive things. Needless to say, we're both pretty excited about the theme. The two of us are going to start a media design business, and we will release this skin under that name, when it comes time (right now we both like Red Ace Productions). You will also be able to expect more original themes to come, once this one is finished.

    Right! So the voicemail screen is finished, which concludes the phone app. I've done some tweaking in each of these screens to align, adjust etc. to make it easier on myself when it comes time to separate all these graphics. I have also made a SBSettings skin, with the corner of the Red Ace card at the bottom, to fit with the Springboard alternate wallpaper.

    Coming up: Calendar, Mail, and iPod. Stay tuned!


    50%-Quality Watermarked Preview Images:
    Attached Thumbnails [PREVIEW] Red Ace - Complete GUI-redace_threadicon.gif   [PREVIEW] Red Ace - Complete GUI-bootlogo_redace.jpg   [PREVIEW] Red Ace - Complete GUI-lockscreen_redace.jpg   [PREVIEW] Red Ace - Complete GUI-springboard1_redace.jpg   [PREVIEW] Red Ace - Complete GUI-springboard2_redace.jpg   [PREVIEW] Red Ace - Complete GUI-sms_redace.jpg   [PREVIEW] Red Ace - Complete GUI-favourites_redace.jpg   [PREVIEW] Red Ace - Complete GUI-recents_redace.jpg  

    [PREVIEW] Red Ace - Complete GUI-contacts_redace.jpg   [PREVIEW] Red Ace - Complete GUI-keypad_redace.jpg   [PREVIEW] Red Ace - Complete GUI-voicemail_redace.jpg   [PREVIEW] Red Ace - Complete GUI-sbsettings_redace.jpg  
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    2008-12-28 11:44 PM
  2. IvanPK's Avatar
    Of Course the '3G' icon is not yours, its the default one! haha :P

    But yes, wow it looks nice, can't wait to see what comes from this!
    2008-12-28 11:47 PM
  3. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Whoa man, nice work! I like your photography a lot. Where were those taken? Reminds me of the Cascades... grew up in Seattle.

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    2008-12-28 11:48 PM
  4. Proserpine's Avatar
    Whoa man, nice work! I like your photography a lot. Where were those taken? Reminds me of the Cascades... grew up in Seattle.
    Those two were taken in Banff Alberta where I grew up Thanks for the compliments!

    Also, does anyone know how to add an icon for the thread, as many of them have? (Never mind, figured it out )
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    2008-12-28 11:51 PM
  5. 24trepid's Avatar
    Looks pretty sweet !!!
    2008-12-29 01:45 AM
  6. Kronic Haze's Avatar
    The theme is looking great

    Can't wait to see it progress.
    2008-12-29 02:49 AM
  7. Proserpine's Avatar
    Thanks for the complements It certainly is encouraging!

    Theme Update: See 1st Post

    Right! I've made my own battery icon for the taskbar, and I've designed the keyboard and the SMS page. Updated images are in the first post.

    Don't hesitate to offer feedback or advice or suggestions or complaints etc.

    2008-12-29 03:44 AM
  8. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Might be just me, but I like the gradient on the "send" and "shift" and "return" as the main gradient, with the gold being the accent ones. vice versa of how it is now. or at least a .psd with release so it can be swapped. silver is cooler than gold.

    ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A [select] [start] Kyle Matthews
    2008-12-29 04:46 AM
  9. marcf's Avatar
    Very nice so far!!
    2008-12-29 11:38 AM
  10. xtnod's Avatar
    So far so good!

    Looking forward to the final release
    2008-12-30 08:22 AM
  11. Proserpine's Avatar
    @Poetic_Folly: I tried your suggestion, and I like both colour schemes. I will include both versions in the release

    Theme Update: See 1st Post

    So I've been toying with the phone interfaces; mostly the keypad. At first I had a sort of pinned-down notepad which had the numbers on it, which was cool, but I wanted it to be more of an interface, so this is what I came up with. I was going for a simple aircraft type interface, which would keep the same theme in all the phone functions (yellow buttons at the bottom). I can't help but feel that this doesn't quite suit the rest of the theme so far, so I need feedback on this one. Thanks for all the support so far, everyone!

    2008-12-30 11:39 PM
  12. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Yah I see what you're saying - the dialer starts to make it feel more like a video game honoring theme vs an old time airplane theme. Not sure which you were going for? Maybe instead of needing something as different as the green lcd, make the dialer match the keyboard style? The kb style you have going definitely goes with the old aircraft vibe its got going on, but the dialer starts bringing it a different feel.

    ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A [select] [start] Kyle Matthews
    2008-12-31 12:04 AM
  13. Proserpine's Avatar
    The more I think about it, the more I agree with you. I want an elegant aviator theme, not a jet fighter cockpit HUD. Back to the drawing board

    *loves her drawing baord*


    Theme Update: See 1st Post

    There, I made a new keypad. MUCH better, methinks!
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    2008-12-31 01:21 AM
  14. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    WAY nicer dialer.

    The yellow looks much better on the dialer too with the gray letters underneath. It may just be /too much/ yellow on the keyboard messing me up. But I am an anti-gold kinda guy, so that could be it too.
    Last edited by Kyle Matthews; 2008-12-31 at 01:22 AM. Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    2008-12-31 01:22 AM
  15. Proserpine's Avatar
    WAY nicer dialer.

    The yellow looks much better on the dialer too with the gray letters underneath. It may just be /too much/ yellow on the keyboard messing me up. But I am an anti-gold kinda guy, so that could be it too.
    Haha :P Me, I love gold. Gold and copper and wood and leather, with silver accents. I guess that's the steampunk in me coming out, but I hate using that word. I was steampunk before they started calling it steampunk

    Next, I will make the remaining phone function screens. Favourites, then Recent, etc.



    Theme Update: See 1st Post

    I made a startup logo, and also the favourites screen. Oh, and a new thread preview image. I've been a busy girl!

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    2008-12-31 01:50 AM
  16. Chefanim's Avatar
    Update looks great! Really like the KB and dialer
    So long, and thanks for all the fish
    2008-12-31 05:40 AM
  17. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    I. Want. This.

    ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A [select] [start] Kyle Matthews
    2008-12-31 06:38 AM
  18. Synergy37's Avatar
    whens the eta on this sick theme?
    2008-12-31 06:50 AM
  19. immusicman's Avatar

    I don't do many posts, but I wanted to tell you this theme looks great! I love it, and will continue to follow it. your ideas are great! Stick to your ideas, they are great.
    2008-12-31 07:14 AM
  20. iPhoneMadness's Avatar
    Not my cup of tea, but it looks very clean. Nice job.
    "Thanks" button. Learn it. Use it. Love it.
    2008-12-31 07:17 AM
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