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    Ok, so i am playing around with the Vista Maximus Perfection, I have winterboard, so, i hope i am posting in the right section. If not, thank you in advance for putting it in the right section... Anyway, i am trying to change some of the the icons. Ok, so what i am trying to do is to get the SMS or text icon to look like it is in the dock (i also have the start dock for maximus). I got the other icons that i wanted, but cannot locate where the text icon is, anyone know what i am missing. Checked a lot of the other posts, and couldn't find anything...


    Ok, found a thread that showed where it was... thanks anyway...
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    Can you link to it? I can't find it and I have the same question.

    2009-01-04 07:27 PM
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    I would like to know the answer to this as well? Would appreciate if you could link it.

    Also, any of you guys know how to use the windows start button to operate as it does on windows vista itself instead of using it as a shortcut to Cydia?

    2009-01-05 02:57 AM
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    ok, i found it using iphonebrowser.. but it was in (root)/App/mobilesms.app/icon.png. I changed that one, and it worked for me. I believe this doesn't change it for the theme, but actually changes it on the phone, so if you want to go back, you will need to change it back manually. Now i wonder if its possible to lower the count notifications so they are on the dock rather than floating above it?
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