1. JohnnyAndre's Avatar
    I've been lurking and downloading lots of things from this site, and I thought it was time to give something in return.

    Heres a screenshot of what I have to offer, which includes a new SMS icon that closely matches the iPod touch music button as well as a new dock. I have all the dock icons as well as all of them offered as flat, but I didn't make most of those.

    Anyway, pick and choose what you want and I'll upload away!

    2007-09-10 12:17 AM
  2. Shimizu1006's Avatar
    You happen to have the sms icon but normal? (not slanted?)
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    2007-09-10 01:18 AM
  3. N818's Avatar
    You happen to have the sms icon but normal? (not slanted?)
    it is slanted
    2007-09-10 02:15 AM
  4. tarfan's Avatar
    can you send me the icons and the dock please

    2007-09-10 02:17 AM
  5. Shimizu1006's Avatar
    it is slanted
    i kno. haha. i'm looking for the one thats not slanted.
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    2007-09-10 02:45 AM
  6. macbitch's Avatar
    I love it, can I get al the icons as well as the doc and wallpaper.


    2007-09-10 04:52 AM
  7. JohnnyAndre's Avatar
    Alright, tomorrow I'll post everything! Yay
    2007-09-10 07:33 AM
  8. savemefromtears's Avatar
    post this bad boy! =)
    2007-09-14 03:59 AM
  9. JohnnyAndre's Avatar
    Waiting for approval


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    2007-09-15 05:46 AM
  10. NJ Devils Fan 4 Ever's Avatar
    How did you slant the icons?
    2011-01-11 09:42 PM