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    I am in the process of my new theme.

    I got it uploaded on my phone to see what I've done so far in action.

    Well... for some reason when I try to send txt messages I get a really bad lag/delay when I hit the send button.

    I have several other "full" themes on my iphone downloaded from cydia and there isn't any lag. So I know it's from my theme. I have a background on the text portion and re-colored keyboard/bubbles buttons, etc.

    I was thinking is the background perhaps to large in file size?

    Is there anyone else who's had this problem that might give me a solid answer or idea why.

    Please anyone with any ideas?

    I've made the SMS background smaller and when that didn't work I removed it. And it is still like a 5 or 6 second delay to send text messages...

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    2009-01-06 08:23 PM
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