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    is it possible to make it so the keyboard has more then one click? i have an idea which requires more then one keyboard sound.

    iphone 3G new to the forums and have no idea on coding such things.

    i can create regualr custom sounds for the iphone etc just nothing to fancy any help would be greatly appreciated

    anyone have any ideas? anyone? i am having trouble changing the keyboard sound the file is .37 seconds and i made it even shorter and it still wont play.

    is the keyboard sound file named tock? and is the backspace cakked sq_tock?

    thanks in advanced

    what is the file name for the backspace key?
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    as far as the multiple keyboard sounds i am not aware of any way to do this. Tock.caf would be the keyboard sound and i dont know off the top of my head what the backspace one is. what format is the sound in? upload the file so we can all take a look at it to see what we can do and find out for you.
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    ok so there is no seperate backspace sound it is simply a placebo effect my eras were deceiving me.

    thank you for help
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