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    Here's a lock/unlock set I put together and am currently using. The unlock greeting prompts a look or 2 in my direction - especially if the volume is turned up.

    Unlock gives you the AOL "Welcome" greeting.
    Lock spouts the immortal "Elvis has left the building."

    To use: extract and SSH to your Themes/UISounds folder.


    Edit: Many thanks to E-Dragon who packaged these as a Winterboard theme: dkaye sound theme
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    2009-01-28 04:08 PM
  2. AverageMan's Avatar
    cool! i used to use a quote from Starwars it was luke skywalker addressing Jabba the hut saying "Greetings exhalted one"
    2009-01-28 08:02 PM
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    Do you still have that sound?
    2009-01-28 08:16 PM
  4. AverageMan's Avatar
    2009-01-28 11:02 PM

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