1. lgreenberg's Avatar
    Here's something I've been playing around with.

    A Polaroid Wallpaper or Lockscreen.

    With Clear Lock Screen

    Can also cover the whole screen, have more or less images.

    I'd be happy to make these if anyone wants one.

    You'd just need to provide me with the wallpaper (background) image you like and the photos.
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    2009-01-30 05:05 PM
  2. kvizzel's Avatar
    Looks pretty nice, but i was hoping for it just randomly chooses pictures from your pictures in your iphone, then randomly switches them.

    that would be amazing.

    still looks nice!
    2009-01-31 02:20 AM
  3. cricketlang's Avatar
    looks nice. i wouldnt like one but would like to say nice job
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    2009-01-31 02:21 AM