1. Northernmonkey's Avatar
    I have just re-jailbroken my iphone after a long while as i was under the impression that having it jailbroken ate the battery, anyway, i have just downloaded the arsenal theme for winterboard from here through cydia (installer just don't work at all!) and although the sliders and wallpaper change, the lockscreen just won't!

    What am i doing wrong? Help! lol
    2009-01-31 09:04 PM
  2. gotem3303's Avatar
    when you look in the contents of the theme do you see an image labeled as Lockscreen.png? If not, then there is no image for the lockscreen. If you wanted the wallpaper that is included in the theme as the lockscreen background than make a copy of the Wallpaper.png, rename it Lockscreen.png, and put it where you see the Wallpaper.png and your str8. You dont even have to resrping, just lock it and unlock it. (This is all using SSH if you didn't know)
    2009-02-01 03:42 PM