1. tetopa's Avatar
    how to change back wallpaper???

    from blue to other wallpaper??by using winterboard....
    2009-02-01 04:22 PM
  2. gotem3303's Avatar
    use ssh and go to the theme that your using, open it and you should see an image labeled Wallpaper.png.

    Use the image you want from your computer or wherever and name it Wallpaper.png and put it in the theme folder using SSH

    by the way what theme is that?
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    2009-02-01 04:43 PM
  3. tetopa's Avatar

    by the way what theme is that?

    that theme is Glass Orb you can find it here.....


    do you have ********** default icon??
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    2009-02-01 04:54 PM
  4. WingHack's Avatar
    first if you use the search function of this site you will find many detailed answers to your questions... a little research goes a long way, trust me, and it will save you a lot of frustrating time waiting for answers.

    In short to change your wallpaper, use the "user wallpaper" theme in Winterboard, that you will place above any other theme you're using.
    You can download many wallpapers packs in cydia, or ssh your favorite wallpapers from various themes directly into your the wallpaper folder on your iPhone.
    2009-02-01 06:29 PM