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    My friend has a G1 and as you guys know it has 3 screens, like the iphone can expand to 9... like you can put a full screen background on it and when you scroll to the left or right, it reveals more of the picture. Can you have a similar home screen on the iphone? like have a big wallpaper behind the home screen icons that is carried over to the next page?

    are there any such programs that accomplish this task? Im jailbroken btw...
    2009-02-02 05:51 PM
  2. MrWHOx's Avatar
    Nobody? It would be awesome if someone could conjure up something like this.
    2009-02-23 04:14 AM
  3. cricketlang's Avatar
    Ehhh I'm trying to think of how this could be done. Maybe making an icon the size of the screen??? I don't know. Just a thought
    2009-02-23 04:18 AM
  4. IvanPK's Avatar
    Anyone found a youtube link of this 'scrolling background'? I don't really understand what you mean...
    2009-02-23 04:29 AM
  5. cricketlang's Avatar
    He's asking for it. So an example would be like having a different wallpaper for each springboard page
    2009-02-23 04:32 AM
  6. alek's Avatar
    On photoshop put ur icons on a background (so it looks like a springboard)*, chop that up into 16 pieces and make thoes the icons. Repeat for every page.

    You would have to turn names off in winterboard and add names to the icons. If a page is not full you would have to use empty webclips.

    NOTE, any change in the arrangement would mess it up.

    IF u dont have photoshop try gimp or

    * another method would be to first take the imgs u want use them with winterboard and take screen shots for each page and then switch the bckgrnd for each page/screenshot.
    2009-02-23 04:51 AM
  7. jcraven8081's Avatar
    dont know if this would work but...
    -make one apps icon be the background u wanted
    -place that app in the right place on your sb
    -and than when your re-arranging your apps make sure to touch everyone so that they all are laying above that image..

    idk does that make sense to anyone?
    2009-02-23 05:05 AM
  8. alek's Avatar
    no, it doesn't, u could never get the size precise enough to not mess up the other screens use my method refined:

    1 set the background you want with winter board.
    2 take a screenshot of the screen (with icons) that you want to have the background with
    3 repeat step 1&2 for each screen
    4 download and open in a photo editor
    5 chop the pic up into 16 equal parts around each icon.
    6 save each part separately, name them and make a winterboard theme with them (for the background .png use a generic color)
    - for blank space just make blank webclips (the icon book marks) on the iphone and atach the rite icon when naming (ex. blank1, blank2, and so on)
    7 Disable icon names in winterboard
    8 apply the theme you just made
    9 Bam! ur done, repeat for any new icons or rearangments
    2009-02-23 05:31 AM
  9. MrWHOx's Avatar
    no guys. We don't want an entire wallpaper completeply, but a PANNING wallpaper every time we swipe to the other springboard page. You guys never saw a demo of a g1?
    2009-02-23 02:08 PM
  10. MrWHOx's Avatar
    Found a solution: photoshop a pic with the hight 480px but as long as you want for each springboard you have (320px multiplied for each board you have) then photoshop a pic to stretch as wide as you want it. rename it to Pic0.png and ur good to go!

    if you want to do an individual wallpaper for each springboard, rename then to Pic0.png, Pic1.png, etc.

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    2009-04-11 10:21 PM
  11. JayMizy's Avatar
    -download a desktop wallpaper
    -cut it into four iphone screens that when layed next to each other match up
    -use the iphone wallpaper widget to allow multiple wallpapers(forgot wat its called)inav uses it
    -apply and fininsh

    Hope thats wat you were lookin for.I need an example to know exactly what your asking.
    2009-04-12 01:20 AM
  12. Zimoxx's Avatar
    You can use Winterboard. Just make a new folder in the /private/var/stash/Themes.xxxxxx directory. Then you have to split the wallpaper in pieces that are 320x480 px, and name them Page0.png, Page1.png and so on. As you probably understand the Page0.png will display on the first SpringBoard page, Page1.png on the second and so on. Hope this helped. If so, please press the "Thanks!" button
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    My FreshWater Aquarium App Theme
    2009-04-12 02:09 PM
  13. lrenzi's Avatar
    If you want to be taken through this step by step, from photoshop to iphone directories, then abbott567 on youtube has the best tutorial that I've found
    [ame=]YouTube - iPhone scrolling background/wallpaper Tutorial[/ame]
    2010-05-04 04:04 AM
  14. magusxxx's Avatar
    Thanks for the link Irenzi. Strangely enough, last week I released an update to my theme which does exactly what this is showing.

    Antiquity 3.0
    2010-05-04 11:56 AM