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    Alright so I got the phone, got breezy up got iSwitcher working so now Im like "Hey I can make a theme! Im a web designer I can totaly do this!" So Im looking around at all the other themes and now I've got some questions.

    The home background-
    On some themes they actually make the entire button, background and all, like a giant jigsaw puzzle then they put it all together using the display file. The problem with that is the last 4 rows for clock calc note and settings the icons will be twice as long, wont that screw up the active area of the button?

    Another way is that the author will just make buttons with transparent backgrounds and then include a full size image for the background. I have no idea how to install the background with that version .

    So what works best using iswitcher? or is there another program to set home background on the fly using images just like the ones used on the locked screen.

    Oh and will iswitcher replace the carrier logo battery ect aswell?

    Thanks guys
    2007-09-12 07:25 PM