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    heyyaa, just spent an hour or two trying to sort out the look of my phone etc, and basically ive changed my winterboard main screeeen to a picturee, but now the lockscreen pic and my homepage pic are the sameeee.

    howeverr another problem, ive just downloaded a coolio battery theme add on thingy so when its charging i get a cool battery, anyway i can get that to be on there all the time even when its not plugged in?

    if not, i want to be able to have a black picture so my lockscreen is all black and blank, but when i unlock it i get my homepage with the pic on.

    sorrryy if ive not made any sense :P

    would it be easier to create a jpeg on paint or something, ssh it to my phone and somehow make that my lockscreen pic?


    no1 wanna help? ((
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    2009-02-11 11:25 PM
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    No go on the battery as far as I know...

    Easiest way for an all black lockscreen:

    Paint, Photoshop, Seahorse, whatever the hell you got; make an image or crop one all black 320 in width, 480 in height. Name it LockBackground.jpg (mind your spelling and caps). Dump it in:


    respring (reboot, whatever you do)

    good to go, black lockscreen sounds kinda dull but different strokes brother...

    2009-02-11 11:47 PM
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    2009-02-12 05:33 AM