1. JStraitiff's Avatar
    no matter what i do when including a blank slide to unlock string it wont go away

    the weird thing is that its not there as normal it is simply moved to the right a little bit

    i cant figure out why it is happening

    what ideas do you guys have
    2009-02-22 01:45 AM
  2. JStraitiff's Avatar
    i figured out one soloution... i am using customize right now but i still need to figure out why its not working with winterboard
    2009-02-23 09:42 AM
  3. iBlade's Avatar
    For some reason it never worked for me either with WinterBoard. I did edit the string file directly in SpringBoard.app
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    2009-02-23 10:02 AM
  4. bluemonday's Avatar
    Are you putting the blank string into the correct .proj folder?
    I have never had a problem with this. check to make sure you are using/editing the correct folder. For instance, uk is en.lproj, france is fr.lproj and so on.
    2009-02-23 01:51 PM
  5. JStraitiff's Avatar
    ya i am putting it in the correct location

    i did this all the time before but everscince i updated to 2.2.1 it has been f'd up
    2009-02-24 04:34 AM
  6. cricketlang's Avatar
    mine wont fully go away either
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    2009-02-24 04:37 AM
  7. JStraitiff's Avatar
    ya im stuck using customize to blank it out
    2009-02-24 04:38 AM
  8. agent005's Avatar
    Try this...

    In a theme, or your own,


    And create a SpringBoard.strings (using text edit or equivalent, just change extension to .strings).

    These are the following I have, these all make the 'Slide to BLANK' go away....

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">
    <plist version="1.0">
    	<string>   </string>
    	<string>   </string>
    	<string>   </string>
    	<string>   </string>
    	<string>   </string>
    	<string>  </string>
    	<string>   </string>
    	<string>   </string>
    	<string>   </string>
    	<string>   </string>
    	<string>   </string>
    LMK if it works for you
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    2009-02-27 12:25 AM
  9. JStraitiff's Avatar
    no, that is exactly how i did it

    and i use dashcode because it gets rid of all that crap
    2009-02-27 12:49 AM