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    Well even though my Blues may not go to the playoffs this year they've definitely had a good season. I'm making this theme because I'm a huge hockey fan and I saw the San Jose Sharks theme and loved it so I figured I'd make one for my fellow Blues fans. A lot of credit goes to the maker of the San Jose Sharks theme because I looked at it and used it as a template for what I'm doing here. My goal is to have a more complete theme than the San Jose one. Anyway I don't have an expected release yet as I'm working on it in my free time. I'll update this post with pics as it progresses. Please let me know what you think whether you are a hockey fan or not! Thanks!

    Here is the dialer that I have done so far:

    Here is the SMS bubbles in stock sms. They are the same for biteSMS:

    Edit 1: Fine tuned the dialer greatly- specifically the choppyness of the call button and the delete button was up one pixel too high. Dialer is now complete if anyone wants it I will upload just the dialer.

    Edit 2: Now has SMS bubbles for biteSMS and stock sms. Those are the only two I will support because I do not use or have iRealSMS or MySMS so I don't know how to theme them.
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    2009-02-22 05:09 PM
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    Looks nice, cant wait to see a final release.
    I live about 2 hours from st louis.
    I have been to a couple blues games.
    Your right they may not make it to the playoffs and normally arent a very good team.
    But this year they have started to turn things around.
    2009-02-22 06:26 PM
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    Haha I'm about 1 hr South from St Louis in Farmington. I love hockey. They may not be the best team but last night's loss really hurt. They did turn it around this year and next year should be even better with the amazing youth we have on the team now (Berglund, Perron, Janssen to name my favs). But yea it oughta be sweet, I'm gunna have either Tkachuk skatin as the background or Mason in front of the net. Thanks for your support!
    2009-02-22 06:34 PM
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    No problem man.
    Im not really into hockey that much, but have went to blues games with my friends.
    But yeah looks like its coming along nice.
    Keep up the good work.
    2009-02-23 12:53 AM