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    Guys there is a new version of this for 3.0 go here for that one.


    Brief Intro for those that don’t like to read:
    This is a complete theme of stock images and sounds. It consists of every .png and .caf file that can be themed through WB. The only .png’s that can still be added to this theme are those of specific apps. There are no modded images in this theme. Now ur probably thinking right now “but wait Leram84… why would I want to use a theme that makes the iphone look like a stock iphone?? Ur stupid!” Well, slightly rude, imaginary person… ur right. I wouldn’t want to use that theme at all. The purpose of this is to provide a template for all themers to use. Now all u have to do is swap out the original files in this theme with ur modded files, and delete everything else, and voila… a clean uniform theme that everyone can enjoy.

    Now the Real explination:
    Ok, so I have no experience with photoshop, so my method of themeing consists of me dl’ing tons of themes breaking them down, and pulling what I want. Lets say for example u want to use the icons from the deep theme, the widgets from Vista Perfection, and the UIImages from iNinja. Well u couldn’t do that through the Winterboard (WB) hierarchy, u would have to take what u want and manually build ur own theme. This is easier said than done, mainly because the best themes out there (and by best I really only mean most complete) are really a mess when u look inside the folder structures (mislabeled images, copies of images, etc.). And yes there are several exceptions to this, but the point is there needs to be a standard in themeing so that everyone knows exactly what image is where.

    So let me start by giving a brief explination of where most of the confusion lies. When God (aka Saurik) created WB, he used the method of naming folders in the “Bundles” folder of a theme by their “Bundle Identifier”. These “Bundle Identifiers” are completely unique from each other, so it seemed to make sense to use these. Each theme would have a folder inside called “Bundles”. The folders inside of “Bundles” would be named by their appropriate “Bundle Identifier”. So for example the image BatteryBG_1.png sits in System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app. Now if I wanted to theme that image, I would need the “Bundle Identifier” of the SpringBoard.app folder (com.apple.SpringBoard). So then I would place “BatteryBG_1.png” inside the “com.apple.SpringBoard” folder and put that inside the “Bundles” folder in my theme. Ok so far this should be common knowledge. The part that seems to create the most confusion is that there is another way to theme the “BatteryBG_1.png”. In his infinite wisdom and foresight, Saurik realized that finding the “bundle identifier” is a pain in the *** (its really not that hard, and I would explain how to find it except if u follow my instructions u won’t need them anymore). So he created an alternate method of themeing. Enter the folder eloquently named “Folders”. Now we don’t need Bundle Identifiers. All u need is the name of the folder that an image resides in to mod it. “BatteryBG_1.png” sits in a folder called “SpringBoard.app” so instead of naming the folder “com.aple.springboard” u can name it “SpringBoard.app” and put that in the “Folders” Folder of ur theme. This is great, right? Way easier!! But the fun doesn’t stop there. Saurik also made the UIImages shortcut. We all know that UIImages can just go in the UIImages folder in the Theme right? But a lot of themers use the bundle method (com.apple.UIKit) and others use the “Folder” (UIKit.framework) method. And then there are even more. U can create an image called StatusBar.png right in the theme folder. This is really the FSO_BG.png, that sits in the Springboard.app folder. Icons can go in the app’s folder or in a separate folder called “Icons”. The list goes on.

    While all these shortcuts may seem convenient, I feel like they are creating more confusion than they are solving. For new themers, it takes FOREVER to learn how themes work. And more importantly, a lot of times people will find one way to theme an image, and because it works, will think and tell others that that is the way to do it. Then when people have conflicting information many people just give up all together.

    So I have spent a lot of time trying to make the most simple use of these various methods of constructing a complete theme, and this is what I have come up with. I was originally going to just toss out the “Bundles” folder in favor of the much simpler “Folders” folder, except there was one issue. The most irritating thing about making a theme is navigating through the Preferences. By this I mean all the small icons that sit in the settings app. For some reason, these little icons are all split up, so each image has to be by itself in its own folder. This creates 16 folders for less than 30 images. I wanted a way to at least compartmentalize all those folders away from the rest of the theme, so that perusing through a theme would be less cumbersome. Re-Enter the “Bundles” folder. Now everything can sit in the “Folders” folder uncluttered by all the preference folders. You will see that I have already put those preference folders into bundles and have correctly labeled them with their bundle identifier.

    So now themers can take this theme, swap out what they want to and will never have to look up another bundle identifier. The Budles folder is complete. The only thing that can be added to this theme is icons (in the Icons folder), new app skins (whatever the folder name is and it goes in the “Folders” folder of this theme. So for example if u wanted to make a skin for TuneWiki, u would put all the images in “TuneWiki.app” and that would go in the “Folders” folder of this theme), and finally, any .strings, .plist’s, and .html’s and widgets that u want to add. Now im sure I will never get people to stop using shortcuts like putting “StatusBar.png” in the theme folder instead of using “FSO_BG.png” in the “SpringBoard.app” folder, but at the very least lets try to keep from changing any structure that I have made for the “Bundles” folder. That is really the main goal here.

    So for the 4 of you still reading this, please try to get this out to themers. Don’t worry about crediting or anything, there is nothing original in this theme, it is all the stock images of the iphone. I just want this out there. And also, everyone should read Saurik’s website about WB. He explains everything waaaaayyyyy better than I do: iPhone Theming on WinterBoard - Jay Freeman (saurik)

    Firs I would like to thank god… ok I know this is cheesy, but I really do need to credit a few people. For starters, I would probably know non of this if it weren’t for ZMOBTiger from the iPodTouchFans Forum who basically taught me everything I know step… by step… by step… by step… by step, lol. He is really the reason I feel I owe something to the JB community.
    Also the creators of iNinja theme were really the reason I decided to do this. They have created the closes thing to a complete theme to date. And are really the inspiration behind this. You could say that If this theme is Vanilla there’s would be Chocolate (where do I come up with this crap). Seriously, if u want a theme that mods almost every image here, u should check them out.

    Ok, so here is the file:

    And if anyone knows how to upload this to MMi (I kept getting errors) pleas go ahead and do so, and if this thread should be somewhere else, please let me know, or move it. I’m not to familiar with forum etiquette, so let me know if I done wrong.
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    Congratulations. You did a project I wanted to do FAR back. I even started the process, but said heck with it. It wouldn't catch on.

    I hope this does. I'm downloading the folder now to see what it has in store. But, if it really as you say it is, it will make my life (and computer) much easier to navigate. I started off with themes as you did- picking them apart. Now, I photoshop my own, and occasionally pick them apart to complete my own

    If this folder is as good as it seems it is, I will honor you Mr. Leram84. And, if I like it especially, I'll add it to my website. I want to teach how to theme; not spend hours creating them for individuals (which I do now anyway, its still fun for me =] ). But there is nothing like making your own theme. Plus, it allows for me to check out if I completed my theme all the way.

    I'll post again when I'm done sifting through it. But right now, great effort, and great job.

    Awesome. Epic. Beautiful. Sounds as well.

    This literally is everything I could think of, and more. I thought there would be one or two things that were missing....damn was I wrong.

    My only thing is that I read the WinterBoard article from Saurik early on. And it seemed to me, based on my first reading a while back, that he intended for Bundles to be used. That is how I based all my themes. But hey, each artist has his own style right?

    I will be using this from now on. Thank you sir. You have given me a great tool to work with.

    If you ever are in need of a theme, just PM me. I'll make it my top priority no matter what is going on.
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    iPhone 4- I'll start theming again
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    very nice job leram. soon the walkthrough with screenies huh
    The beatings will continue until morale improves.
    2009-02-26 11:12 PM
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    wow... that was quite a respons. thanks man. I really didn't know how this would go over or if pple would even care.
    I would like to add a couple of things. First of all there is one really obvious thing that the theme is missing, and that is the carrier logo, but this was intentional. I figured since it is different on the iPhone and the iTouch, it would be better to leave it out.

    Second. ur right about Saurik's intention. TBH the "correct" way to theme everything is through "Bundles". The "Folders" option was more of an afterthought to make it easier on noobs. The thing is i figured that its just easier to get everyone on the "Folders" bandwagon than on the "Bundles" side, and there is no benifit, so i really think it makes sense to just use "Bundles" to clear out all those one item folders cluttering up the "Folders" folder.
    It's funny too, cause i read Saurik's site when i first JB'd and didn't know the difference betwenn summeboard and winterboard, and it was all lost on me. I read it again a couple of days ago, and ahhhhh.... It all comes together, lol.

    Also, this is a little premature, but if enough pple start subscribing to this method of themeing, i think this would be a good forum to start posting descriptions of where all the images appear on the phone. I was thinking if we could really make it organized maybe in like a month or so we would be able to post a complete description list here, and then this would really be the ultimate theme tool. Let me know what u guys think.

    very nice job leram. soon the walkthrough with screenies huh
    Yeah, im not really sure how this will play out. Im really gonna wait to hear what pple think. I think i would ultimately like to see some kind of a system were pple could post image discriptions on some kind of a shared workspace. I guess if enough pple are interested in that i could make a list of every file, with a spot for discriptions, but im not gonna go through all that if there's only like 10 pple interested. There are a lot of half assed failed projects like that all over, and i think something like that would just drive my ocd over the edge, lol.

    On a side note, i don't know if MMi gets extra add money for downloads, or anything, but if they do, i would really like this to be on this site as apposed to the mediafire. MMi is really the best resource available to the JB community, and they should really be supported. If anyone knows anything about this please let me know.
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    A description of all the images? Opusandbill started a massive UI description a while ago. Last time I checked, it wasn't finished. Plus, most people who make themes are advanced users. The noobs? Yes...I want to help them badly, but people who are not knowledgeable of graphic design or how the images work will get lost in some places. Hell, sometimes I don't understand how some images work. A quick example for me currently, I started focusing on keyboards, and at one point I'm failing miserably. Damn MessageEntryBG.png.....

    But, my proposal is this. Keep it how it is laid out, with Bundles and Folders. For people like me who like to use ONLY bundles, it is easy enough to move them over. Most Bundle Identifiers are brainless anyway (who would've guessed...MobileSMS=com.apple.mobileSMS)

    Let's help the noobs. I will aid with the descriptions...but I can't for a while. I got two themes to whip up by this weekend, then I want to tidy up my computer, and my website, and the website I'm donating to a friend's fund-raising. After that, I will definitely help. And don't attempt to do everything at once. Small portions. Eventually, it'll get done.

    As far as supporting the site, I think it is well supported by advertisements. And your trouble with uploading it to the download section...I'll see if I can figure that out later tonight. It's usually pretty easy.

    Oh and PS- this is definitely going up on my site. Once I get my new layout all set, I'll start a massive project. Keep this thread alive. The great themers of MMi will be here.

    IMO...MMi is the best forum. But I always found the best themers over at MacThemes2.net. Personally.

    To sum it up- Let's get a description started! I'll help shortly. I'll also PM you sometime soon...we can team up and knock this out.
    iPhone 4- I'll start theming again
    2009-02-27 12:20 AM
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    Yeah, haha... that was one of the "Failed attempts" i was talking about. And seriously, let me be very clear about this, the work that he did on that UIImages thread is damn impressive. And i really do appreciate it. It clearly took a long time, and he really went the extra mile. I just feel like the system was flawed. there is no way one person could do a description of every image, its just impractical. I tried using that thread as a guide, and not one of the images i wanted to know about was up there. I really don't want to spend all that time if it is done that way, cause it will never finish. Like i said if enough pple show interest, ill look into way to get everyone into some kind of shared work space like google docs or something and do it that way.

    Second, here's the thing. One of the main goals of this for me was to create a really universal template. I was hopping that this would be so useful that everyone would just use the structure, and in a while, all themes would be formatted like this. I understand y saurik made WB the way he did, i just feel like theming the same image by different paths just promotes confusion. I don't think noobs will ever really read this, but if the modders all follow this format, then the noobs will just assume that that is the way it is because all their themes will come packaged in this way.

    IDK maybe it is just wishful thinking (especially seeing as how the first person to post disagree's with my structure, lol)
    2009-02-27 12:35 AM
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    This is fantastic, good work! I will definitely put this inside of my WinterBoard tutorial as I think it clearly spells out where everything is and what the directory structure looks like. I'll also host the file as I don't like those free hosting sites.
    2009-02-28 04:52 AM
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    oh ive just fell in love with you,
    ive just been trying to theme my phone the way i like it and want to use some of the default icons, so i thought ohh ill jus make a quick post to see if any1 can tell me, and ur post was right there for me to download!
    <3 thanks to you ;D
    2009-02-28 09:23 PM
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    Aww Crap... I knew i was gonna forget something. Sorry guys i forgot to add the MobilePhonePackedImages.artwork stuff. so the MobilePhone.app is missing a few things. Ill try to get this updated ASAP, but i don't think i can get to my computer were the files are till tomorrow. I also added a few more common stock app skins, so ill update it all at once.

    I think this should be everything. Like i said i did not add the carrier stuff cause of all the variations, and i didn't add any of the non-US keyboards. But if anyone notices anything else please let me know.
    2009-02-28 11:21 PM
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    well i guess this is cool... ive never needed somthing like this but for someone that is new to it... sure

    nice job because im sure you are the only person that has the patience to do this
    2009-02-28 11:46 PM
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    ok guys i updated the file to include the MobilePhonePackedImages.artwork files and there might also be one or two app skins that wern't there before. So now the file is complete.

    the only things that can be added:
    1.) carrier logos
    2.) non-US keyboards
    3.) non-.png or .caf files such as html, widgets, .plist files, and .string files, etc.

    4.) 3rd party app skins
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    Thank you, this will be very helpful!
    2009-03-03 05:22 AM
  13. THEdAY's Avatar
    2009-03-03 05:22 AM
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    nice! thanks a lot
    2009-03-04 12:20 AM
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    So apparently people have been getting banned from ipodtouchfans.com for linking to this thread.
    2009-03-04 05:35 AM
  16. JStraitiff's Avatar
    really ? why?

    also you didnt include any sliders or and of the com.apple.telephonyUI bundles folder
    2009-03-04 05:56 AM
  17. leram84's Avatar
    really ? why?

    also you didnt include any sliders or and of the com.apple.telephonyUI bundles folder
    I have to get more details, but the reasoning seems to be something along the lines of No one has the right to distribute anything that apple distributes. But this can't be the only reason, cause why not go after the people that distribute microsoft themes, or OSX themes or Storm themes. Apparently everyone has the right to distribute everything that anyone including apple distributes, as long as they don't distribute it on the iPhone. IDK. This makes no sense to me.

    And as for the telphonyUI thing, like i said, everything that is themed through "Bundles" can also be themed through "Folders". Saurik added this feature to WB to make it easier on us so we don't have to look up Bundle Identifiers for everything. So everything u are looking for is in iPhone Theme/Folders/TelephonyUI.framework
    2009-03-04 08:18 PM
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    And as for the telphonyUI thing, like i said, everything that is themed through "Bundles" can also be themed through "Folders". Saurik added this feature to WB to make it easier on us so we don't have to look up Bundle Identifiers for everything. So everything u are looking for is in iPhone Theme/Folders/TelephonyUI.framework
    Does Winterboard handle Bundles and Folders the same or is one more efficient to use than the other?
    2009-03-04 10:14 PM
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    i find it easier to use bundles because you dont have to do show package contents ect
    2009-03-04 10:19 PM
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    i find it easier to use bundles because you dont have to do show package contents ect
    2009-03-04 10:26 PM
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