1. stobo's Avatar
    heyy im not sure if this is wrong place to post this request but i dont know where to post it.. sorry

    the logo ive attached, im watching to change the writing from iPhone to tez and to terri

    ive tried but i dont have photoshop, and its impossible in paint =/
    so would any1 please be able to edit the pic ive attached, and make 2 new logos, just replacing the word iPhone with
    1. tez
    2. terri
    and could you also change the colour of the writing to white so it will show clearer on my status bar, i thank anybody so so much if they could help me
    ty mmi folks
    Attached Images heyy carrier logo help please (request)-bk.png 
    2009-02-28 10:36 PM
  2. giants2222's Avatar
    here are your requests
    Attached Images heyy carrier logo help please (request)-tez.png heyy carrier logo help please (request)-terri.png 
    2009-03-01 05:25 AM
  3. stobo's Avatar
    ty so much
    2009-03-01 06:10 PM