1. giants2222's Avatar
    hey guys I was wondering if you knew how to get an LCD clock on my lock screen
    i don't want the whole theme, I just want the clock
    2009-03-01 07:36 PM
  2. JStraitiff's Avatar
    make an html clock

    or use this one
    Attached Files
    2009-03-02 03:34 AM
  3. giants2222's Avatar
    wait so what do i do with that?
    just make a theme and put that in?
    2009-03-02 03:36 AM
  4. JStraitiff's Avatar

    just make sure you have a Wallpaper.png
    2009-03-02 03:41 AM
  5. giants2222's Avatar
    i tried this and it didnt work
    could it be because I have a blank lockclock font?
    and you know I want it for my lock screen right?
    2009-03-02 04:37 AM
  6. JStraitiff's Avatar
    oh ok if its for your lockscreen try this...

    make sure you set a LockBackground.png
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    2009-03-02 04:43 AM
  7. giants2222's Avatar
    thank you but it wasnt really the lcd one I was thinking of with the bigger numbers that look like smaller dots to make up the number
    2009-03-02 04:55 AM
  8. JStraitiff's Avatar
    well you can edit it and stuff just open it with a text editor
    2009-03-02 04:59 AM
  9. giants2222's Avatar
    do you know a good free lcd clock font
    2009-03-02 05:04 AM
  10. JStraitiff's Avatar
    most fonts are free but i would suggest the almighty google
    2009-03-02 05:15 AM
  11. giants2222's Avatar
    when i open the html file its just black so i dont know how i could make it have the lcd clock
    2009-03-02 05:16 AM
  12. JStraitiff's Avatar
    no open with a text editor

    heres a font
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    2009-03-02 05:17 AM
  13. giants2222's Avatar
    i opened with text edit on my mac and it was still blank but you didnt send me a font
    2009-03-02 05:18 AM
  14. JStraitiff's Avatar
    no if you are trying to view it it will be blank unless you have somthing named LockBackground.png in the same directory
    2009-03-02 05:20 AM
  15. giants2222's Avatar
    so then how am i supposed to edit it on a mac and put the font in
    2009-03-02 05:21 AM
  16. JStraitiff's Avatar
    yes you have to know some html

    try W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
    2009-03-02 05:28 AM
  17. giants2222's Avatar
    omg can you please just tell me how
    2009-03-02 05:31 AM
  18. JStraitiff's Avatar
    let me try some stuff
    2009-03-02 05:31 AM
  19. JStraitiff's Avatar
    ok try this

    include that font in the package
    Attached Files
    2009-03-02 05:44 AM
  20. giants2222's Avatar
    i downloaded this and made a new theme and put the html file alone with a wallpaper.png file into a new folder
    i enabled it and the clock is still on the homescreen
    2009-03-02 07:53 PM
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