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  1. cfmrec's Avatar
    Hello everyone,

    Im relatively new here, and I appreciate all the information available in this forum, its superb.

    I have a doubt myself, and hopefully some of you may know the answer. I have a couple (3) of Theme folders, as well as, ringtones folder, wallpaper folders, applications folders, etc. under the directory - private/var/stash/themes -

    Is this because of different upgrades I made or different iphones I had synced with itunes? Can I remove the folders that clearly are not being used anymore as the main Theme folder for example? Is it safe to remove them?

    For example, I have 3 Themes folders: Themes.8uhxxx, Themes.mpcxxx, and Themes.hcxxx, as well as (3) for all the other ones. Please help.

    Thank you.

    2009-03-03 11:39 PM
  2. walkities's Avatar
    I was curious on this as well, winterboard seems to read some themes in each directory but doesnt read some in that same directory.
    2009-04-17 06:10 PM