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  1. beamo1's Avatar
    Hi everyone

    I jailbroke my sons ipod touch 1st gen after upgrading the FW from 1.1.? to 2.0.2 on my pc (runing xp)
    He has used the jailbreak apps etc and loves it to bits.
    Only problem (or maybe it is not one) is he says will he loose his jailbreak and apps if he syncronises his ipod on HIS pc Itunes.
    Prior to this he had the fw 1.1.? and did not want to pay for the upgrade on the basis he paid enough for his ipod touch in the first place.
    So there is the story and here is the question:::
    Can he sync his pod with is itunes without worry

    Thanks in advance for ANY help or direction


    2009-03-05 06:00 PM
  2. Jeckel's Avatar
    You shouldn't worry about any changes, it just needs to be applied and set to the new computer. Syncing will not effect the jailbreaking status (changing FW or restoring will). As for what is on the iPod and whether or not it is to be kept on the device is only applicable to iTunes-related items, so the jailbroken items are to be safe. If you do worry, you could use (as you have 2._._ firmware) AptBackup to back up what apps you have (only the names of them are kept to be downloaded again if something happens, it doesn't actually back up the apps).
    2009-03-05 08:34 PM
  3. beamo1's Avatar
    Thanks Jeckel

    I had an idea it would be ok but just needed re assuring I guess

    Thanks again

    2009-03-06 09:24 AM