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    I am in the UK with a black 8GB iPhone 3G on the O2 network. I am currently trying to get rid of a leading zero, what I mean by a leading zero is this:
    Time with leading zero: 09:20PM
    Time without leading zero: 9:20PM
    I know this can be achieved by selecting the New Zealand region in the Settings, but it affects Safari by changing Google to NZ. I have looked through many plist files today and found nothing which would be relevant to this issue.

    All help is appreciated

    Bump, what I have found is, getting the AM/PM to display on the lock screen.
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    2009-03-07 03:50 PM
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    Oh well, looks like I might as well give up on MMi, nobody seems to help me here.
    2009-03-28 02:48 PM
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    seems as if your not getting much help on this site either...

    I dont think it can be done
    2009-03-28 05:53 PM
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    Check mah thread on Eic :P
    2009-03-28 05:57 PM
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    So your going to go the crazy chinese way then?

    I assumed there would be a way to do it through SSH in some way or another, by adding a few files etc..

    I'm stumped at the minute as well... i'm trying to get rid of the clock all together and have text there instead, but not the same as MakeItMine i want a special type of logo
    2009-03-28 06:03 PM
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    Well, looks like it I think. I might do it before I do another restore, which isn't due yet. First time ever I have gone so long without a restore in 2009!
    2009-03-29 03:05 PM
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    the only way I know is to make your own clock, read this thread.

    this is mine.

    The part that is circled is how you change the hour
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    He wants to change the status bar clock to something other than a clock, and I want to change it so it doesn't display and extra zero as it's annoying and I like having extra space.
    2009-03-29 06:38 PM
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    2009-04-10 07:54 PM
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    It's worth that much to you huh? Good luck!
    I once prayed to God for an iPhone, but quickly found out He didn't work that I stole an iPhone and prayed for His forgiveness.

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    2009-04-10 08:35 PM
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    Lol it is, I need to check out the ICU file but I'm way too busy right now
    2009-04-10 08:51 PM
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    I have the same problem with no solution. I'm in U.S.
    2009-07-03 10:09 PM
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    I've found a temporary solution, install SBSettings and enable the Memory in Status Bar, that will remove the extra zero, but the memory thing can be annoying!
    2009-07-03 11:53 PM
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    This is my first post and I came across this thread whilst looking for something else, but I may be able to help here.

    The leading zero issue bugs me too, and I've managed to fix it. I've also made the 'AM/PM' indicator lower case and remove the space between the time and the 'AM/PM' indicator. It involves hacking the ICU dat file and is fairly involved, but straightforward.

    Is there still interest in this? If so I will write up the process and post it; it will be a fairly long post though!
    2009-07-10 11:57 AM
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