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    Ok a while back I found a theme on this site that had a interchanging wallpaper in the theme...
    I am wondering how to make one or adjust a theme I already made with an interchanging wallpaper...How would I do it...I am on a mac and was wondering if I would make a plist for it or how else would it know to change the wallpaper...
    Dont be that guy..!!!
    2009-03-11 07:25 AM
  2. lach's Avatar
    "do you want a interchanging background on the springboard?
    this involves a html file. How many pictures did you want to have cylcing through?

    sorry, i mis read. How many photo's do you want cycling through on the springboard? have you made a html document for the theme?
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    2009-03-15 05:26 AM

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