1. defmute's Avatar
    Would someone be able to help convert this image into a boot logo for me.

    I just can't get the file size down far enough.

    Much love for any help.
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    2009-03-13 06:01 AM
  2. JStraitiff's Avatar
    attatch it
    2009-03-13 06:02 AM
  3. defmute's Avatar
    I did attach it, don't know why you can't see it. but here is a link
    Thor picture by joemchandy - Photobucket

    Thanks for the help.
    2009-03-13 07:08 AM
  4. nikada's Avatar
    here you go
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    2009-03-13 11:04 AM
  5. RedRebellion's Avatar
    download the application LogoMe. You will be able to select the picture from your camera roll and use it as a boot logo.
    Working on something.... Watch this space!
    2009-03-13 01:51 PM
  6. defmute's Avatar
    Thank you very much.

    edit: Isn't this supposed to be a png file?

    Ok, well it looks like the new logo me trys to convert the image first to a png. Problem is when it converts the image it is too large, which is the problem I had to begin with.

    So my fault I wasn't clear, could someone make this into a png that will work with logome please?
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    2009-03-13 03:37 PM
  7. nikada's Avatar
    hmm. I tried to make it into a png, but it was 15kb, therefore to large for this site. If you could tell me any other way to upload it then would do it
    2009-03-13 04:03 PM
  8. E-Dragon's Avatar
    Here you go... The second one is closer to the max "size" and gives just a little bit more color and detail. But either one will look good on the phone...
    Here's a address for the image, for LogoMe: h ttp://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb101/E-Dragon_photos/Thor_fixed_2.png

    BTW for any one interested here's how I fixed it: How To
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    2009-03-13 04:34 PM