1. Jomann's Avatar
    I realize there is a board that has original icons, however the 2.0 icons are much different, if you didnt know the 2.0 firmware has files within the ui images that mask your square icon to be rounded and add the shine and shadow to them, so you just need to file a square and put a symbol in it, <- reason for saying this is so no one tells me to download the old things, because when I did it basicly overlayed 2 layers of shine and shadow making my icons ugly.
    2009-03-15 12:04 AM
  2. ajl917's Avatar
    If I understand you correctly, you want the icons to be normal with no overlay? I remember there is a tweak in Cydia, its called NoGlare...
    2009-03-15 02:16 AM
  3. Jomann's Avatar
    nope just want the original files for iphone from the 2.0 firmware, I guess I said too much
    2009-03-15 03:47 AM
  4. JStraitiff's Avatar
    here ya go
    Attached Files
    2009-03-15 04:30 AM
  5. Jomann's Avatar
    I thanked you xD and thanks in person! (kinda) anyway I really apreciate it!
    2009-03-15 06:31 AM