1. leram84's Avatar
    Is there a place where all Winterboard (WB) updates are posted? I know Saurik's web site is very informative, but it seems to be a little out dated, and i keep learning new things from other themes, that i never knew was possible through WB. So where is this stuff posted to begin with?

    For example, the new update today (0.9.2796-1) states:
    New IconAlpha Info.plist Key
    as a new feature. What is that?? I understand that it is a new key that can be entered into the Info.plist, but what does it do? what are the strings? etc. I have done sevaral searches on this and come up empty, and im sure that the forums will have info on this soon enough, but isn't there somewhere that has it all?

    And finally, most things are pretty self explanatory, and u can figure out what ur looking for just by looking around the folder structure, but the only thing that WB mods that doesn't actually exist (in the same form) on the iphone is that info.plist from the main .theme folder. There should be a list of all possible Keys for that plist. I think i already know all of them, but i would like to make sure. again, that is not something that could be "figured out". Its something that Saurik deliberately created for WB, and there is no way of knowing unless he tells us.

    Anyway, can someone please respond to this. I have not had a lot of luck on this forum with winterbaord issues. Thanks in advance.
    2009-03-18 06:01 PM
  2. exNavy's Avatar
    I feel the exact same frustration as you do when things are implemented but we aren't told how to call on the new features for ourselves. Hats off to Saurik for all he has done, I just wish he'd provide some kind of notes for the rest of us who aren't programmers.

    Other than searching forums and this site's wiki there's only one other option, and I haven't learned how to use this feature either: I've done my best to compile everything I know of and demonstrate how to use it in my WinterBoard tutorials.
    2009-03-18 08:51 PM