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  1. TheCrow13's Avatar
    Just a question, the Skins/Themes/Icons area for downloading. Are they all downloads we can use with WinSCP, and are the ones for the iPhone the same as the iPod touch? Sorry if this sounds rookie like, but I am new to the iPod touch (about 1month) and just want to make sure I am on cue. I have used the WinSCP already to download and transfer free Themes and it worked fine, but what about Icons? I don't seem to see an area on the WinSCP page for Icons, or maybe I am missing it?

    Thanks, TheCrow13
    2009-03-25 07:14 PM
  2. Broomhead's Avatar
    just put them in the theme's folder and use winterboard
    2009-03-26 04:54 AM
  3. TheCrow13's Avatar
    Thanks Broomhead, so the ones for the iPhones can be used for the iPod touch as well? I mean the Themes/Icons/Wallpapers, also what would you suggest to create your own them and is it hard to do? I have downloaded PaintNet because it is free and Adobe Photoshop is not free, so can I use that the same way to create a theme? Another Mod. told me to use the Tutorial on how to create Themes, but do I create those folders mentioned just by right clicking on the right side of the page in WinSCP? Sorry for all the stupid questions but I want to do this but want also to do it right and share it like other members have so generously done on this site.

    Thanks, TheCrow13
    2009-03-26 07:29 PM