1. J-Phone's Avatar
    I'm new to terminal. I have it installed on my iphone, but unfortunately have no idea how to use it.

    Say for instance i want to change my SMS text icon. How would i use terminal to do this? if anyone could help i'd really appreciate it!
    2007-09-15 11:01 PM
  2. pengcm's Avatar
    Ok, first of all...
    The terminal app(s) on the iPhone is kinda buggy.
    Second of all...
    To change ANY icon, you need a replacement icon.
    Third of all...
    You need to install openSSH on your phone.

    Once all these are in place,
    you can use a SSH program, like fugu, to connect to the iPhone.
    Then you can copy the replacement icon into the iPhone.
    Best Regards
    2007-09-15 11:06 PM