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    What i need help with is changing the status bar- I want the time gone and i would like exactly the same as what the picture has below (apart from the names)

    So what i'm asking for is how do you get the 'Dave (heart) Toni' bit.... i'm absolutely stumped.

    The names i would like would be 'John (heart) Anna'

    i appreciate your time, thanks in advance


    The link to the picture: http://www.modmyi.com/forums/attachm...ingboard-5.png
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    2009-03-28 06:07 PM
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    Im not exactly sure but if you download MakeItMine 'MIM' from cydia it allows you to change the time in the middle of the status bar to anything you want. but i dont know how to put a heart.

    Just type what you want in the blank and hit 'banner'
    2009-03-28 08:22 PM
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    yes i'm aware of MakeItMine but it's not what i want, you can only have standard text...

    I want the same or similar to the picture
    2009-03-28 08:42 PM