1. spisak96's Avatar
    Ok so i finally decided to upgrade to 1.1.4 from 1.1.2... All works except for the themes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the SB 3.2 app and installed the fix but when I go to themes its blank. I also SSH'ed into the phone and looked in the var/mobile/library/summberboard/themes and they are all there with the permissions of rwxr-xr-x... Does anyone else have this problem? Does any one have a fix? any help would be greatly appreciated!
    2008-03-08 05:36 PM
  2. ajl917's Avatar
    I dont know what the rwxr-xr-x means, but does that mean they are at 0755?
    2008-03-09 01:33 AM
  3. spisak96's Avatar
    Reloaded phone and fixed issue.
    2008-03-10 02:35 AM