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    Hi, new member here. I don't know if there is a post for this already but I am having trouble figuring what the sounds are in UISounds and what triggers them (i.e. Error Message, New Mail, etc.). I'd like to know so that I can make a fully customized sound set for my theme. I'm going to provide a life of what I know, but if anyone can fill in the blanks that would be great.

    alarm.caf -> ???
    beep-beep.caf -> The sound that play when you plug-in your device
    ct-busy.caf -> ??? (the busy sound on iPhones?)
    ct-call-waiting.caf -> ??? (call waiting noise on iPhone?)
    ct-congestion.caf -> ???
    ct-error.caf -> ???
    ct-keytone2.caf -> ???
    ct-path-ack.caf -> ???
    dtmf-0.caf -> The tone of the 0 key (when using phone?)
    dtmf-1.caf -> The tone of the 1 key (when using phone?)
    dtmf-2.caf -> The tone of the 2 key (when using phone?)
    dtmf-3.caf -> The tone of the 3 key (when using phone?)
    dtmf-4.caf -> The tone of the 4 key (when using phone?)
    dtmf-5.caf -> The tone of the 5 key (when using phone?)
    dtmf-6.caf -> The tone of the 6 key (when using phone?)
    dtmf-7.caf -> The tone of the 7 key (when using phone?)
    dtmf-8.caf -> The tone of the 8 key (when using phone?)
    dtmf-9.caf -> The tone of the 9 key (when using phone?)
    dtmf-pound.caf -> The tone of the # key (when using phone?)
    dtmf-star.caf -> The tone of the * key (when using phone?)
    lock.caf -> The sound played when you lock your iPod
    long_low_short_high.caf -> ???
    low_power.caf -> ???
    mail-sent.caf -> The sound that plays when you send mail
    middle_9_short_double_low.caf -> ???
    new-mail.caf -> The sound that plays when you receive new mail
    photoShutter.caf -> Camera sound
    ReceivedMessage.caf -> ???
    RingerChanged.caf -> ???
    SentMessage.caf -> When a text is sent
    short_double_high.caf -> ???
    short_double_low.caf -> ???
    short_low_high.caf -> ???
    SIMToolkitCallDropped.caf -> ???
    SIMToolkitGeneralBeep.caf -> ???
    SIMToolkitNegativeACK.caf -> ???
    SIMToolkitPositiveACK.caf -> ???
    SIMToolkitSMS.caf -> ???
    sms-received1.caf -> Text message received sounds
    sms-received2.caf -> " "
    sms-received3.caf -> " "
    sms-received4.caf -> " "
    sms-received5.caf -> " "
    sms-received6.caf -> " "
    sq_alarm.caf -> ???
    sq_beep-beep.caf -> ??? (but is exactly the same as the shooting noise from Captain Comic )
    sq_lock.caf -> ???
    sq_tock.caf -> ???
    Tink.caf -> ???
    Tock.caf -> Keyboard click sound
    unlock.caf -> The unlock noise
    ussd.caf -> ???
    Voicemail.caf -> Voice mail received
    These were all taken from the /System/Library/Audio/UISounds folder on my Jailbroken (using Quickfreedom) on a 2g iPod touch and, I assume, can all be customized using Winterboard.

    Some of these may seem obvious (such as SentMessage.caf), but since I have never encountered these sounds/don't have anything that uses them I have no way of knowing for sure.

    All help needed and appreciated!
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    I don't know what they all are, I have only played with a few.

    Here are some you had ?? after.

    photoShutter.caf -> ??? Camera
    SentMessage.caf -> ??? When a text is sent.
    sms-received1.caf -> ??? sms-received6.caf -> Text message received affects.

    Voicemail.caf -> ??? When a Voice mail is recieved on iPhone.

    I hope this helps a little. I don't play with all you have listed but change the unlock, messagesent, new-mail, sms-received#, voicemail pretty regularly mostly with home made stuff and some stuff from MMI.
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    Looking around the folder structure, u will come across a lot of things (not just sounds, but images, code, plists, etc) that are of no use to you. They are there for other uses. There is iPhone stuff, Ipod stuff, and stuff that is specific for different carriers, or different countries. most of the sounds in that folder are iphone specific, thats why u cant figure them out.
    2009-04-06 06:11 PM
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    thx for your help qnc.

    leram84: I understand this, however, I was wondering if anyone knew what these were (cause right now I consider all the ones I don't know as "useless").
    2009-04-07 04:47 AM