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    Hi, I have a question hopefully someone can help me with. I have gotton handbrake to work fine on tv show 30-40min clips fine. Transfers to the iPhone fine everything works I got that all down. But the problem im coming acrrosed is I tried to Encode the movie, Matrix and its not getting the whole movie. I originally tried it at 240Bitrate, (quality is fine to me) and it got 1 hour and 10min of the movie, but the movie is near 2 hours I believe. I tried it at 320bit rate and it was actually 5 min shorter. tried it at 480 bit rate and now it only got 20min of the movie. So I even went to 700 which should just be a better quality and it got 2min lol. Anyone know what to do to encode a 1.5 to 2 hour movie in handbrake?

    no one knows anything about handbrake? =(
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