1. stobo's Avatar
    Heyyy peeopleee,
    i had a carrier logo, and ive recently upgraded to 2.2.1 so obviously it removed it, however i cant find on my laptop anywhere.
    just wondering if anyones feeling helpful could they maybe create this for me as i dont even know where to start editing images etc.

    Terri <3

    thats basically what i'd like, just creating into a carrier icon.
    if any1 can either create this for me, or maybe advise me on how to do it myself, without having to download photo programes etc...
    thankyou so much
    2009-04-14 05:13 PM
  2. lach's Avatar
    did you want it as a picture? like different coloured writing etc?

    if you just wanted Terri <3, download MakeItMine from cydia, and you can replace the carrier logo with whatever writing you would like
    2009-04-15 05:07 AM