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    I followed the How to create Themes with Winterboard tutorial, and downloaded the Bundles/UIImages/UIImages 2.0. I created my own Theme folder in WinSCP and put all the Bundles/UIImages into it, but now that I have created and correctly sized my Themes/Icons/Docks/Status bars. Do I just SSH with WinSCP and my iPod Touch 1G 8gb with 2.2.1 FW, and just open up Library and drag and drop my new Theme packages into there? I am not good at this as you most likely can tell, but if I am missing anything please let me know what I am doing wrong and what to do next. I watched many YouTube vids. and I use Paintnet which seems to be the easiest to use, but any help would be nice.

    Thanks, TheCrow13
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    2009-04-19 03:57 AM
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    No you place it in the theme folder
    2009-04-19 04:57 AM
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    Yea place them in the the theme folder and everything will be alright. GL withe the theme =)
    2009-04-19 05:10 AM
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    Thanks guys, I will let you know how it all turns out and hopefully it does! If I have any of other issues can I come to you and ask them?

    I tried last night with no success, but I think today after thinking about it that I went too far? I created sub-folders inside my folder (My Themes), and created a Icons folder and inside that I created a sub-folder called Icons. Then the same for Docks/StatusBars/and the others, but I think I made it more difficult that it has to be right? Do I just take certain things and create a single package, then take that and just drag and drop into the folder I created (My Themes)? I don't know why I am having such problems but the Wallpaper works no problems, and I do have them all in png format. Also I heard that you have to put them into the Saurik folder or get rid of his folder all together? Sorry for sounding confusing, but I know it must be something simple I am missing.
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