1. fuwler's Avatar
    Icon request: Wunder Radio, Weather Pro, Guitar Toolkit, Navigon, Pinball FAntasies, iball 3d, appflow, screensplitr, Avplayer, Fring, MyCinema, iStream, Television, Wikiamo, Tvu player, Pocket whiteboard, VoiceMemos. THANKS A LOT!!
    2009-07-31 01:16 AM
  2. mac045's Avatar
    need help for set up
    2009-07-31 09:03 PM
  3. LigerLuvr9210's Avatar
    need help for set up
    I posted a tutorial for the Premium Touch Version on page 78. It wont be exactly the same, but if you use that in combination with the screen shots you downloaded (iNistsua 3.0 [Version]>iNitsua 3.0 [Version] Set-Up>Screenshots) you should be able to set it up
    2009-07-31 09:17 PM
  4. mac045's Avatar
    is theme will be available in cydia in the future??? or not
    2009-07-31 09:19 PM
  5. LigerLuvr9210's Avatar
    is theme will be available in cydia in the future??? or not
    I believe that this theme will be in Cydia as soon as KATS (K.Nitsua Automatic Theme Setup) is finished (which should be very soon!!!!)
    2009-07-31 10:03 PM
  6. oriol003's Avatar
    This theme is once of the most innovative themes I've ever seen I have been around since the first iPhone. What would be nice are some more vibrant or modern color schemes which are fan made.
    2009-08-01 10:04 PM
  7. singhandproud's Avatar
    Nitsua could you PLEASE release the png version of homescreen.
    I know that the animation failed, but you said you'd release the png if asked.
    2009-08-03 12:44 AM
  8. grassho's Avatar
    please release it!!!!
    2009-08-03 02:59 AM
  9. Pinoykid's Avatar
    two requests minigore and touch k.o PLEASE!!!!! need it by tuesday please please and thankyou
    2009-08-03 10:09 AM
  10. DEdwards2204's Avatar
    I recently started using the Portrait version of the theme and I've got a couple problems. I organized the icons just as the images told me to, but the images are messed up. Under the games tab, I've got the icon to go to 'Check out other phone Options' but when I hit the icon, it takes me to the correct place. The same goes with the Applications tab but on that one, it has the Net Apps icon that takes me to the other Applications pages.

    I can tell that I just need to set the right icon to make it appear correctly, I just need to know which SpringJumps to switch. I've already got the two images.

    Also, how would I go about setting the badges for App alerts to appear in portrait instead of landscape?

    EDIT: I fixed the badge, trying to figure out the other two problems.
    EDIT: I just figured out where the problem was. You have to have iNitsua 3.0 SP.style above iNitsua Core (PT) and iNitsua 3.0 Landscape UI in Winterboard.
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    2009-08-03 09:16 PM
  11. Jaholibop's Avatar
    First and foremost...I love this theme...its fantastic! I had a couple of quick questions...
    1)The big phone icon doesn't seem to go with the other nice color icons on this theme...does anyone have a replacement? If you do can you tell me how to change it? (I'd post a screenie but I am at work)

    2)I downloaded some icons I am missing from the web page but Im not sure how to install them? Can someone tell me where to ssh them and anything else I need to do?
    3)What are some of you using the secret page for? Actually I know which programs Im going to put in there but how are you making it secret? Details!
    Thanks a ton!
    Attached Thumbnails [Nostalgia] iNitsua 3.0-img_0001.png  
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    2009-08-03 10:48 PM
  12. DEdwards2204's Avatar
    Is there any way to get the Status Bar clock to disappear whilst not in an Application, but appear again when in one?
    2009-08-04 02:15 AM
  13. chris_aitkens's Avatar
    whn you create the next update (initsua landscape v:ipod touvh) will you allow for user generated lockscreens
    p.s when do you think you will create a new update??
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    2009-08-04 07:30 AM
  14. UofMBob's Avatar
    i am pretty sure that if u put the user lockscreen above initsua's theme in winterboard
    that it will work I have always used my own lockscreen. If it doesn't work you can ssh and change the lockscreen photo
    2009-08-04 07:36 AM
  15. chris_aitkens's Avatar
    ok will do thnks
    2009-08-04 07:38 AM
  16. fuwler's Avatar
    Could anyone make more icons to this theme? k.nitsua or rboileau? it is fantastic theme but needs more icons..I would be very thankful!!!
    2009-08-04 02:21 PM
  17. KGameLover1's Avatar
    Awesome theme! I love it, cool. However, on my iPT (3.0 2nd Gen) some icons don't work even though they're in there. Such as: Weather, Fieldrunners, genesis4iphone, NES, AppSniper, BeatRider Touch, Zenonia, and my "Games" folder made in Categories.

    I would like it if you provided PSD templates so there could be some community-made colors. I would definitely name it "iKGL1". Just kidding!

    Of course, before I go, I have to request some icons!

    I would like:
    Bible.app (Works for most Bible apps because they're all named Bible.app! LOL!)
    The Official Dictionary.com app.
    Lyrical Premium and Lyrics++
    1Password and 1Password Pro
    Bike or Die 2
    Racing Live
    An icon for "3rd Party" folder (made in Categories) if possible
    Blackboard Learn (for college students)
    MeeMee Character Creator
    smule Sonic Boom
    PDF Agent
    Also, I think it's funny that you have Rolando 2 in one of the wallpapers but you don't have an icon for it. Heh. Just pointing that out!
    Hope this helps!
    2009-08-05 12:56 AM
  18. chris_aitkens's Avatar
    i absouloty love this theme even though it took ages to set up best theme ive ever had keep it up man
    2009-08-05 01:01 AM
  19. singhandproud's Avatar
    C'mon Nitsua

    Can you please say if youre gonna release iNitsua homescreen .png version
    Or RED???

    Am dying to have a more colourful version of the theme
    You did say that you'd release homescreen .png if requested.
    Am dying to have a blue theme (or colourful theme) before i go backpacking in 2 weeks (Before i go to uni)

    So sorry if i come across angrily... Thanks for the hard work
    2009-08-05 11:17 PM
  20. chris_aitkens's Avatar
    you could ssh nd make a coustom backround nd theme thats what i done
    2009-08-05 11:20 PM
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