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    Thanks everyone for stopping in to check out my request.

    I've checked out the tutorials on how to create your own dialers,
    but to be honest I wasn't getting a lot out of them. I'm hoping someone might be able to share some insight with me on how this task is done so I can create a tutorial to post in the guide section. One with more depth.

    I want to concentrate on the actual slices (call button, add contact button) ect.

    I'd like to be able to list the proper sizes for each slice
    (the reason I ask is because each skin I have downloaded is a different size)

    Another stumper is the "default dialer" the png file that is the entire phone skin put together. Is that just a compilation of each slice rolled into one? Is the size 320x480?

    I am also not clear on the steps taken to make part of the skin transparent by 50% ? Which part and why?

    Personally I use iphone browser to load my files but exactly where would I place the "finished" product? In application/mobile ?

    As you can see my problem is I have a little information from a lot of different sources.

    I want to roll this up into one. Any information you can provide to help out would be greatly appreciated.

    many thanks

    2009-04-25 02:27 PM
  2. Broomhead's Avatar
    Good idea
    Here's a thread on making your own
    2009-04-26 05:35 AM

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