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    wait what? when u take the pic it only shows what u have on ur screen at the time. then u do the sync to get them on ur comp

    if you upload to zshare or anywhere you have to compress the file to a .zip .tar .tar.gz .rar or something like that

    use winzip or winrar to do that then u upload the zipped folder to zshare
    2009-04-28 10:57 PM
  2. TheCrow13's Avatar
    I'm sorry but when I sync to computer are you talking about plugging my iPod into the tower and where do I go from there (sorry)?
    2009-04-28 10:59 PM
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    you dont know how to get photos off of your ipod? im talking about sync with itunes, but in windows u can go to computer/ipod and u should see your photos
    2009-04-28 11:02 PM
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    O.k I imported them to Windows Photo Gallery , and what do I do know and I am sorry I just never had the need for this before but you learn something new everyday. Thank god for you being patient and great at this, if not I would not be able to share my stuff
    2009-04-28 11:06 PM
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    now make a new thread and attach the images that you just got off the ipod and on zshare just click browse and find the .zip file that you made

    then put the direct link into your release thread
    2009-04-28 11:15 PM
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    Him, I uploaded it into zshare but how do you turn it into a zip file because it won't attach when I try to create a new post with the images attached?
    Thanks Him for all your patients and help today, I finally figured it out and it is in the Theme sharing area but I don't know how to add pictures to my name before you click on my post. Atleast it is there, again thanks and have a good night!
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    2009-04-28 11:36 PM
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    I use WinRAR. you can download it from many sites. Then if the file were on your desktop, just right click and click "add to archive. This will compress the file. Now you will see a new file on your desktop that is compressed.
    2009-04-29 02:09 AM
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    One question, I did that and I belong to zshare but how do I attach the complete theme to my post because I just had the **** kicked out of me for not adding screen shots and the proper download link! I finally just attached a .rar format one and it works but to late after the **** kicking, and they said that they are not my own icons. Mean while, most members out there for their first themes borrow icons from somewhere? Anyways thanks for the help, and if you can answer the other questions I have that would be appreciated.

    Thanks, TheCrow13

    p.s., sorry for the languages just wasn't thinking.
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    2009-04-29 02:23 AM
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