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    I have looked over many complete themes and have noticed the plists. I have watched some YouTube vids. and one guy (Dino), showed method on creating your own Lockscreen/Slider themes and he showed a complete Slider theme and he said to open up the com.apple.springboard and the plist and just change the name that is there and replace it with my Theme name?? Is this o.k and to me it feels like stealing but I don't have the computer knowledge to create my own plist. So what is the reason for the plist and where can I find them and what should they be used for? I seems that they are used to tell that package what to do, like for Sliders and the unlocking part of it. So can someone please explain for me and maybe answer the questions above that I have asked?

    Thanks, TheCrow13
    2009-04-26 10:32 PM
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    That's a good question. I am looking forward to the answer myself. I'm not 100% sure but I think it tells the theme how to act font size color and things like that.
    2009-04-26 10:41 PM
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    Yeah I'm not sure either. Think of it this way, there are only so many ways to write the .plist in order for the iPhone/iPod to recognize it. I'm not sure if you could call it stealing or not, but everybody's .plist is going to look the same or if not similar. Give the person credit just to be safe.

    2009-04-27 12:27 AM
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    Thanks guys, and yeah I am pretty sure it is for actions to be taken but it would be nice to know exactly how to set it up (tutorial)? I see your point as well, it can't be seen as stealing maybe borrowing.

    Cheers, TheCrow13
    2009-04-27 12:34 AM
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    .plist files are kind of like a settings docs... they will control MANY things on the iphone... what u guys (sounds like anyway) r referring to is the info.plist that goes in the first folder of your theme... this (again) is just basically the "settings" document for that theme... there is no such thing as "stealing" because it is not open for "variation"... it MUST be written in a specific format (mainly css). while there are many other .plist files throughout the phone (that can be modded in EXTREEMLY useful ways - infact... most of the mods, or tweaks out there simply mod 1 or 2 strings in these files... THATS IT, and they produce some REALLY useful results). However the info.plist that goes in the theme is more like a "feature" of winterboard... it is not something that is "hooked" from the stock fw... SO it will only include anything that Saurik specifically adds to it... for more info on how that file works… and all the possible keys and strings for it, go here:
    2009-04-27 06:12 PM
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    leram, thanks for the info., the thing for me is that I have an iPod touch 1G and creating my own personal Themes for WinterBoard. I have noticed via downloading many full complete Themes such as Silent Hill and others, that they have a plist in the area of Batteries and Sliders. I was told that they are a way of telling the iPod or iPhone what to do with regards of the unlocking for the Sliders and other telling the system what to do? I just wanted to know if I was to create say a Slider theme, would I need the plist to tell the iPod what to do with the unlocking part of the Slider and Lockscreen? I know this maybe a trivial question for most, but I would like to do everything properly the first or second time. I am basically almost done and mine look indentical to Silent Hill and other Lockscreen/Slider Themes, but I just want to know if I do need these plists or not. I watched a vid. on YouTube and he showed how to copy a plist from any Themes and just change the name on the message in Notebook, so if it says "Slide to Unlock"_DaPrince or something like that I should change the name to my own name or Theme name? Hope I am explaining myself properly, but hope you can gather what I am saying and give me info. concerning this matter?

    Thanks, TheCrow13
    2009-04-27 06:27 PM
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    well... it sounds like u are now talking about .string files... these files are used to control all the "text" u see on the iphone... basically, anywhere (with a few exceptions) u see system text in the phone... there is a .string file with that text in it... the INCREADIBLE power and beauty of winterboard is that it DOES support ALL these file types (.string, .plist, ect)... SO u could make these mods WITH wb. it will take some more work for you to find all the moddable .string files... i have created a full theme (basically every themable image/sound on the iphone) here:
    (#2 under Winterboard Tools)
    I did not include any of the .plist or .string files here because some of them are specific for my own settings, and it will just get confusing... but u can see the FULL outline of a theme... and u will understand where everything goes... as for the .string files... if for example u r working on the phone... u will see a MobliePhone.app folder with all of ur phone images there... then u will know to go to the MobilePhone.app folder in ur own fw to find the corresponding .plist and .string files.

    And remeber that if u want to mod a .string file in english, to name the folder en.lproj, not English.lproj... There is no support for the latter in wb. Like i said, it will take some understanding to find all the "text" that u can mod, but u should find EVERYTHING u need in that "links" page i just gave u.
    2009-04-27 06:55 PM
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    Thanks for that info. leram, but I have tried that full theme before because many others have suggested it too but it won't download. I don't know if has been taken out of use, because I do have Winzip and Winrar and nothing. So the string files is what tells certain programs such as the Slider function to be activated,and it is not the plist right? I do have a plist in my com.apple.springboard for the battery portion of my theme, and it is en.Iproj So to get the Slider part of the Lockscreen to work properly I don't need the plist, and would I need the string file or what do if anything do I need to put into these folders (com.apple.springboard/com.apple.TelephonyUI)?

    2009-04-27 07:40 PM
  9. JStraitiff's Avatar
    themes are using files and info that everyone has... plists are just used in an application as a configuration file.

    that is why i suggest that you use other themes as examples for what you can do to customize things, like strings and some of the other things you can tweak in the plist files, you are never going to find those out on your own. that is why saurik included examples in winterboard
    2009-04-27 08:22 PM
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    first of all... it is "en.lproj" not "en.Iproj" it is a lowercase L not a capitol I after "en."
    second... the strings that control the words "Slide to Unlock", etc. are all in the SpringBoard.strings file in that en.lproj folder, NOT in the TelephoneyUI.framework folder (its confusing because the images are all there, but not the text). If u read through your original file (located at root/System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/English.lproj) u will see A LOT of the system text that is most commenly modded, as well as the strings u r looking for.

    Hims right, the BEST way to get ideas of what can be done is to look at other themes, but just keep in mind that ALMOST EVERY image on the iphone can be themed, as well as ALMOST EVERY bit of text... Most of the text will be in that SpringBoard.strings file, and if not, it will generally be found in the same folder that has all the images.

    As for dling the complete stock theme, i just dled it a minute ago, and it still works fine... I did get an error message when i tried dling it again tho, so it may be some kind of a block to preserve bandwith... try it again, it should work after a refresh, if not tho, just pm me, and ill email it or something.
    2009-04-27 08:54 PM
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    "Slide to Unlock", etc. are all in the SpringBoard.strings file in that en.lproj folder. I see what your saying and I am getting kind of confused, because the words ("Slide to Unlock") sounds like it would go in the area that is for the Lockscreen/Slider portion (com.apple.TelephonyUI). Is that not the message telling the Slider what to do, and I am not saying you don't know what your talking about? It is just a little confusing, and you are saying that I really don't need the plists or string files in order to get my Slider Theme to work, because what is telling the Slider theme what to do. Maybe I am missing something or not grasping what your saying but even when I look at the theme I downloaded to my desktop (MobilePod.theme) and it has the SpringBoard.strings file. In there he has his batteries and the "en.lproj" folder and it is written in Notebook, so what goes in the com.apple.TelephonyUI folder with the Slider images?
    2009-04-28 07:44 PM
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    If you are trying to change the text "slide to unlock" to something else like just "unlock", you won't need the .plist file in the com.apple.TelephonyUI folder. You won't need a .plist file in order to change the slider text, as long as it's set in the correct folder WinterBoard will take care of it. I know it can get confusing with some of the images/files and their locations. As an example, the two gray bars on the lockscreen (the top with the time/date and bottom where the slider is) are in to different folders (weird, right?) With my theme I'm working on, I have one Info.plist and it's located to my main theme folder. It's used to change the text color, the color of the clock on the status bar, and a couple of other things on my springboard. The SpringBoard.strings file will be located in the com.apple.springboard/en.iproj folder along with battery images, signal bars, wifi bars, etc. The .strings file is used to change what the text is going read (i.e. "slide to unlock" to just "unlock) and, correct me if I'm wrong, just about any text on the phone. Just create your SpringBoard.strings file, place it in the com.apple.springboard/en.lproj folder and you should be set, no need for anything in the com.apple.TelephonyUI folder besides your slider image.

    I know it's confusing, but the more you play with it, the more you'll become familiar when creating other themes. I hope this helps some.

    2009-04-28 08:57 PM
  13. JStraitiff's Avatar
    strings are just lines of text used in the app, so in this case that is all a part of springboard.app
    2009-04-28 09:14 PM
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    Thanks to both and I finished 1 out of 3 full complete themes I am working on, and I already SSHed it to my iPod. Guess what, it work! I did not need and I know that is what your trying to explain, that most plists and sting files are already in the system already to perform specific processes. So unless your changing color of fonts/texts/etc.. , you don't need to change or add these but if you decide to change the color of fonts/texts/etc. than you will have to get more involved right? I have created my main Wallpaper/Icons/Dock/Lockscreen/Slider/and Battery package, and they all work. I just don't know how to put them up on a thread so others can look at the thumbnail images and add the link to download it if they wish? If someone could PM me and fill me in on that, I would appreciate it.

    Thanks, TheCrow13
    2009-04-28 09:32 PM
  15. JStraitiff's Avatar
    well some fonts and text colors can be changed with plist strings, others have to be done with custom fonts

    to show people the theme just take screenshots by pressing the power and home buttons at the same time

    in the end just compress the theme folder on your computer and upload it somewhere like zshare or sendspace or our downloads section
    2009-04-28 10:04 PM
  16. TheCrow13's Avatar
    I have the 1G iPod touch, so pushing the Power/Away buttons will show both images (Homepage/Lockscreen/Slider)?

    I registered with zshare, but how do you upload files? Like, I have my theme folder with all my folders in it but how do I upload what the screenshots will look like (Homepage with Icons/Lockscreen&Slider)? I am very new to this stuff, so please bear with me.

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    2009-04-28 10:12 PM
  17. JStraitiff's Avatar

    and you press both the power and home buttons at the same time then let go and a pic of your screen will be in your photos. you are doing the theme wrong just so you know. you are supposed to make the folder on your desktop then drag the entire thing to your library/themes. that way when you want to distribute it you use winrar or winzip on windows or ctrl+click on the folder and compress to get a .zip

    when you have your .zip folder just go to zshare.net and click browse and find your file then upload
    2009-04-28 10:28 PM
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    Him I am good to go with the how theme thing thanks to you and others, I do create the folder and once it is all complete I did drag and drop it into the Theme on WinSCP. I have already complete a full theme (Blue Flame), and I dragged and dropped it into WinSCP and it is all good on my iPod touch (looks awesome)! So all you do is push both buttons and it will take a picture of my image (both Homescreen&Icons/Lockscreen&Slider)? I thought when you push both buttons it starts the Lockdown power off mode? If it does do what you say where would I find it if it did take the picture of this? You do know I am dealing with a 1G iPod touch right?
    2009-04-28 10:39 PM
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    yeah it doesnt matter what u have, if it worked ur screen will flash white and the pic will be in ur photos app

    you just tap both buttons at the same time DONT hold them
    2009-04-28 10:42 PM
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    O.k I did that and it worked but it shows up in my Wallpaper area of General, and I did the Lockscreen&Slider quick when it turns on but it does not seem to have the Slider part I created? Also if it shows up in my Wallpaper, how would I get it into zshare.net. I did already register an account with them now, so I am good to go with that but just want to know how to get them to zshare? Would I plug my iPod in and SSH it with WinSCP?
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    2009-04-28 10:46 PM
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