1. reagan5194's Avatar

    This is the wallpaper so what do you guys think
    2009-04-27 05:20 AM
  2. LuCiFeRkO's Avatar
    sorry m8 but nothing new i my oppinion....
    2009-04-27 08:35 AM
  3. sogo's Avatar
    I am so tired of people naming there themes inav!!
    2009-04-27 08:50 AM
  4. theone77's Avatar
    nothing new ,go on new ideas
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    2009-04-27 09:09 AM
  5. iliveforbball's Avatar
    Im not sure where you are going with this but please be creative. In inav windows/vista theme is long overdue but please do windows justice. Take your time and make it as beautiful and original as you can. Something like the "apple inav mod"(white apple), "side kick touch", or the "inav montimedia V2" would be nice. Judging from your wallpaper it seems your going the route of making the interface of this theme work too similar to the way reecos original inav worked with five spring jumps at the bottom a big icon in the middle and at this point that set up is primitive and some might say boring. i hope there is more to it

    Not trying to lash out man(hell, I have not created anything. lol). just giving my opinion and a little constructive criticism. good luck with it
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    2009-04-27 08:51 PM
  6. ekidd's Avatar
    Looks lame. Everyone should just give up on the iNav imitations because literally 90% of them suck. Sorry im just being honest.
    2009-04-28 07:56 AM