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    I'm new here - I just jailbroke my phone for the first time this week, after handing right when iPhone3G came out. I can't believe I didn't look into it sooner, anyway - I'm working on "complete" theme, but for now I have:

    Lockscreen - slider, background, battery indicator
    Springboard - Wallpaper, wifi indicator (3 stripes)

    I love Adidas!

    If you you're really into this theme let me know with the "Thanks".

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    2009-05-03 02:56 AM
  2. Broomhead's Avatar
    Looks great keep going
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    2009-05-03 02:58 AM
  3. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    very cool.
    Welcome to the forum.
    2009-05-03 03:01 AM
  4. DeoWade's Avatar
    I've been waiting on a proper Adidas theme for a while. Can't wait until you finish this one.
    2009-05-03 03:32 AM
  5. tigerec's Avatar
    I've been waiting on a proper Adidas theme for a while. Can't wait until you finish this one.

    I know what you mean, I'm the same way - searched for Adidas in cydia and I came across 1 theme. I'm going to upload what I have so far so that you can have the lockscreen at least. Thanks for the comment.
    I'm blogging as iNophe
    2009-05-03 01:00 PM
  6. owais123's Avatar
    cant wait
    2009-05-04 12:35 AM
  7. Herbal954's Avatar
    good stuff, I love adidas
    2009-05-04 12:45 AM
  8. tigerec's Avatar
    I'm trying to do a complete theme, but I suck at finding where all the right files are. The lockscreen is already available on cydia just search "Adidas One". Here is some of the progress I've made.

    Main keypad

    "In Call" keypad

    Volume adjustment background

    Some icons
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    I'm blogging as iNophe
    2009-05-07 05:18 PM
  9. DeoWade's Avatar
    Very nice
    2009-05-12 01:00 PM
  10. Herbal954's Avatar
    coming along great, keep up the good work
    2009-05-12 06:32 PM
  11. SL4VE's Avatar
    need an adidas originals one now
    2009-08-14 12:32 AM
  12. West-'s Avatar
    Welcome to mmi bro, doing a great job keep it up!!!
    2009-08-14 12:53 AM
  13. Zwayne's Avatar
    Looks good!!
    2009-08-14 04:11 AM
  14. criser12's Avatar
    May i know were u download this "Adidas One" themes?
    2011-03-14 09:39 PM