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    Hey guys... just wanted to see if anyone has tried anything like this... I would like to theme the word "Downloads" and the bar that goes around it... I can not find any .string files in Categories.app (or Downloads.app) so im not sure if it may be controled by a plist. But does anyone know if it is possible?... I want to make the word "Downloads" into " " and make the top bar Transparent.

    I know that i could just change the name of the category to " " but that is not ideal (very long story, and not important... just forget that as an option)... and i know i could also just uncheck the "use title" option... but again... not an option (because it will make the top row of apps line up a little higher, and i need that space for part of a theme)

    So can it be done?
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    2009-05-05 08:18 PM
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    background.png .. default.png
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    2009-05-05 08:32 PM
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    dude... thanks for trying, but thats no good to me, lol... like i said... i KNOW that i can turn it off... i am also aware of EVERY possible work around (i have spent a good amount of time working on this before i decided to post)... What i need is for the top bar to be turned ON, but just be completely invisible (because i am putting the image i need behind it... in the background)... if i just turn the bar off, the icons will get pushed up to the top of the screen and cover the image i want up there.
    Im just looking for where the png for that top bar is located (but im starting to think its not a png, but coded into the app), and where the .string file that controls the text "Downloads" is located (again... assuming it IS a .string file)
    2009-05-05 08:40 PM
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    lol got ya! I ran into this last night actually. I use a double bar overlay... And noticed that icons were covering up the text in bottom bar of the overlay. I just added background and left the bar ON... to keep the icons from floating. Very possible this is hardcoded... but I'm not sure.
    2009-05-05 08:48 PM