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    Before someone gets on me. I did a search on this forum and goole and it keeps taking me here. I sent a message to the maker of this theme and got no reply. It's called "Blue waterfall" theme. Can somebody tell me how to install them on my Iphone ?
    2009-05-05 11:30 PM
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    SSH on Windows - ModMyi - Wiki
    unzip and drop in >>> Library/Themes
    Oh and please only start one thread per topic
    2009-05-05 11:59 PM
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    Thanks. Did'nt realize I did that.

    I tried that. I have put many themes in my iphone but this one wont work. I think there may be missing files or it just wont work sshing it in the themes folder.
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    2009-05-06 01:36 PM
  4. Broomhead's Avatar
    2009-05-06 02:07 PM
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    See Im a little confused. In the readme file it sais

    The skin you have just created is an .ipb file, which can be applied to your iPhone using Install .ipb

    I don't know what to do.
    2009-05-06 02:39 PM