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  1. kaskaskasern's Avatar

    I have downloaded Katra's Weather HD (not v2, i don't like v2), but i got some questions that i hope someone can answer;

    How to make it update every 30 mins, and remember the weather from last update (mine updates every time i wake up the phone), or
    make it update only when connected to wifi (i have disabled edge)?

    How to delete/hide/disable the text (city, temp. and weather)?

    I have added a screen print of how it looks now.


    2009-05-06 03:40 PM
  2. GreenGoat's Avatar

    After an hour of trial and error I figured out some things. You must access through SSH if you want to change the settings, but I thing you already did:

    1. To change the interval of updating to 30 minutes, edit the “configureMe.js” file in this root: “/Library/Themes/Katra’s Weather HD.theme/Private”.

      Go to the very bottom of the file and change the following code from 60 to 30 (if it's not already 30..):

      var updateInterval = 60
      I've got the same problem as you, it updates (almost) every time I wake up the phone and I don't know how to let it update only when you're connected to WiFi..

    2. Then, the "trick" to hide the City,Temperature,Description. Again SSH into “/Library/Themes/Katra’s Weather HD.theme/Private”, but now edit the "Wallpaper.js" file.

      Search for the following code:

      function dealWithWeather(obj){
      	if (obj.error == false){
      		if(useRealFeel == true){
      			tempValue = convertTemp(obj.realFeel);
      			tempValue = convertTemp(obj.temp)
      		document.getElementById("weatherIcon").src="Icon Sets/"+iconSet+"/"+MiniIcons[obj.icon]+iconExt;
      		document.getElementById("WeatherContainer").className = "";
      And change the red coloured parts into: ""

    I hope this will help a bit. Or maybe you figured it out yourself after 5 months LOL!

    2009-09-25 11:01 AM
  3. meagain's Avatar
    Hope someone can help. I HAD the above theme with the grassy hills. Only with no shaded bar at the top, no weird shopping cart thing, no slide to unlock at all, the temp off to the right (it could be centered, with NO location listed.

    I lost it! Could anyone identify what I had and point me in the direction where I can find it? It was so perfect IMO. I can't find it anywhere. Thanks
    2010-01-26 04:15 AM