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    Hi This theme is based on INav, Titanium, and Montemedia. This is just a collection of these works rolled up into one with a few tweaks.

    To make it work you will need:
    Spring jumps
    five-column springboard
    five column dock
    Call me
    boss prefs

    New updated dialer and calculator
    I am ready to upload theme. Any ideas which upload site I should use?
    The link to download is up top. Feel free to mod any way you like. Thank you
    Attached Thumbnails [RELEASE] INAV Ladie's Theme-lockbackground.png  
    Attached Images [RELEASE] INAV Ladie's Theme-img_0015-5b1-5d.png [RELEASE] INAV Ladie's Theme-img_0014-5b1-5d.png [RELEASE] INAV Ladie's Theme-img_0013-5b1-5d.png [RELEASE] INAV Ladie's Theme-187.png [RELEASE] INAV Ladie's Theme-190.png 
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    2009-05-14 05:39 AM
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    Here is the theme. I am thinking of changinging the color of the text icons on top. Let me know what you think
    2009-05-14 06:08 AM
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    Cool looking theme!!! A little instructions how to apply the theme will do fine also. Thanx in advance.
    2009-05-21 11:28 PM
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