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    I've been using Videora and VLC to convert videos for my iPhone, but it's usually just not worth it because I can't HEAR it. I can't wear headphones in the places where I would like to watch them (work ), so I have a mono A2DP Bluetooth headset (Jabra BT8010) and I have been eagerly awaiting the official release of iPhone OS 3.0.

    OK, that's not true. I purchased A2DP dongles and found them unacceptable for my motorcycle helmet kit due to poor AVRCP integration. I also didn't "wait" for iPhone OS 3.0... I jumped at the opportunity to test beta 5 with a kit I have been prototyping.

    I'm 100% sure that the iPhone was never meant to have A2DP because you can't use it at the same time as WiFi... I guess they share the same antenna? Whatever it is, the WiFi signal goes to nearly nothing even when standing next to the access point as soon as you start streaming anything that uses both WiFi and A2DP (YouTube, Pandora, etc). Pandora skipps/stutters and YouTube fails to buffer.

    OK, I guess it'll still be good for pre-recorded media... NOPE! Not for video. iPhone OS 3.0 beta 5 has HORRIBLE lip-syncing issues, far worse than the hardware dongles (most likely because it is doing the conversion in software vs. hardware). I guess it isn't bad if you only want A2DP for music, but, strangely, even one of the first A2DP audio/video players around (THE first in the USA), the Insignia NS-DVB4G, had this issue licked.

    DAP Review: MP3 Player News and Reviews: Forums / Insignia / The Insignia MP3 Player Thread, Part 2

    It's a shame.

    AVRCP is almost as poorly implemented as the dongles. At least it doesn't dump me to the iPod interface any time a signal is sent/received like a dongle would, but I still get issues like it failing to pause music when I accept a call or failing to control anything but the iPod app (Pandora? YouTube? Nope.). Of course, that's all stuff that could easily be fixed by the time it goes public. One other quirk I noticed is that you can get it to play the audio from your iPod videos while the phone is asleep and it will even show the thumbnail on the lock screen! At least I was able to do it several times for some downloaded podcast videos. That said, it seemed totally random what it would play when I'd press the Play/Pause button on my headset. Sometimes it would play a video or two, sometimes it would play a song or two. Strange.

    Oh! This thread was supposed to be about manually compensating for the audio delay. There are two ways to do this: Trim a bit off the beginning of the audio and pad the end before muxing it with the video or pad the beginning of the video. Obviously, the first option would be better for existing files because you wouldn't have to re-encode the video, but the second option seems like something good for videos created for A2DP viewing to begin with. Does anyone know how to accomplish these things?

    Is there a short video I can experiment with with timed flashes/sounds so that I can somehow find the true delay and compensate for that?
    2009-05-17 11:42 AM