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    setup guide:

    1.download this file:
    iNav Water Lighter.rar
    and ssh to root>libery>themes and put the whole folder there

    2. go into cydia and download:
    -blanknull(you don't have to download it's just handy)

    3. install 108-135 blanks
    to calculate this you need to know howmuch apps you want left under the widget (only the most left row) so if you have on every page 2 apps you have to create 117 blanks.

    4. sort your apps and games, go to categories and create two folders: Games and Apps. and put in all your games and apps

    5. rearrange your springboard every page have to look like this:


    A=just a app
    Y=Music, Notes, Cydia, Photo's, E-maill, Internet, Games, Apps, Video's

    6. now my dock: (all icons are transparant)
    Youtube, Hyves(something like facebook, im dutch), IM+, Settings.
    you can change the name in a app that have to be invisible.(in the folder you downloaded)

    7. open winterboard and instal the theme(you don't need the original inav just select:Inav Water lighter and no undocked icon labels)

    8. Have questions? contact me i will help you.
    Need help with weather here is a tut:

    you will have a Config Widget folder go inside and you will see: WidgetsName-Config.js for all of them. Most of them don't matter unless you are good at JavaScripting and wish to mod your widget but otherwise just go right click Weather-Config.js and press edit. When you are in look for this line: var locale = "Bangkok, Thailand"
    Change what's inside the " " to your city and state or country or etc example is Miami, Florida but sometimes if it doesn't work you have find this line which is usually right on top of it:

    /* Two methodes to set up your location depending on the source:
    accuWeather: 'City, State' (e.g. 'Karlsruhe, Germany')
    yahooWeather: 'US zip' or 'location code' (e.g. Uk Dumbarton = UKXX0663 ) */

    It's pretty self explanatory there. For some they require a city ID and some other themes you just change the city and state.
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    inav water lighter-img_0018-2-.png   inav water lighter-img_0019-1-.png  
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    Put a pic in the post then
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    2009-05-17 11:58 PM
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    Yay! another iPod Touch theme!
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    2009-05-19 12:47 AM
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    no problem i decided to make another one if you want you can request icons styles ect.

    i also posted a video on youtube search:
    Inav waterlighter
    Watch and have fun
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    i cannot edit the weather JS how do i get to it and edit it? Also the background wallpaper doesnt show and can you get rid of the double time stamp at the top?
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    i cannot edit the weather JS how do i get to it and edit it? Also the background wallpaper doesnt show and can you get rid of the double time stamp at the top?
    you can remove the double clock with make it mine (cydia) just type in a space and click banner.
    The weather config you can edit with any text editor.
    And the you meen the springround background? Make sure you call it Wallpaper.png
    2009-06-02 09:18 PM
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    how do you get to the files to edit them in the phone?
    2009-06-02 09:45 PM
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    how do you get to the files to edit them in the phone?
    you cant edit them in your phone.
    I always use diskaid but you can use all ssh pragrams.
    Ssh to root>libiry>themes and copy inav water lighter folder to pc and edit all you need.
    2009-06-02 10:12 PM
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    looks cool
    2009-07-14 06:33 PM
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    i have everything working wonderfully except i can not get the wallpaper and the lockscreen background to come up i can cheat and get the wallpaper to come up using a user defined wallpaper in winterboard but the lockscreen im at a loss on what else to do?
    2010-06-18 11:58 PM