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    Hey everyone how's it going. I recently jailbroke my iPod touch 2g and I've installed winterboard. Once I installed of the only theme I downloaded was that wood shelf theme. Today I downloaded another and tried it but it didn't work. After I selected it, it loaded like it was about to use it, sent me to the lock screen and once I unlocked I found that I still had the same theme on. I then proceeded to check if I had checked the theme and unchecked the shelf one which I did and no cigar. I then just figured it was the theme so I downloaded a few more which also had the same result. Finally I uninstalled the wood theme and it was gone but none of the other themes worked. I uninstalled and reinstalled WB but I always get the same result. Even after I reinstalled the wood theme later on, it was the I my one that worked. What am I doing wrong? Please help! Thanks ahead of time

    any suggestions?
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    2009-05-24 08:11 PM
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    Did you reboot your iPod after installing Winterboard?
    2009-05-24 08:52 PM
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    the first time I insalled it I did

    ok so I found out it's an even bigger prob than I thought. Any app that I use which I change settings in don't save. For example Im using the backgrounder app and I turned off the badge feature. It resprings but the option doesn't save and the badge feature is still on. This happens for any app I use. Any help??
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    2009-05-25 05:47 AM
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    why not restore/re-jailbreak again and see if problem persists.
    Just may help to see if you have a hardware or software problem.

    Oh, and by the way, Welcome to MMi.
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    2009-05-25 05:51 AM
  5. Gugmi01's Avatar
    thanks blkcadi.
    i would but than i would lose all my ********** apps and their there a way to back them up
    2009-05-25 05:54 AM
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    I believe you may be referring to something this forum does not condone as I do too.

    I suggest you search around other forums or google.

    Seems to me that getting your iPod to work properly would be the priority here. Just sayin'...........O.o
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    2009-05-25 06:01 AM
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    ah sorry didnt realize that heh.
    i guess your right though haha. couldnt find my problem on google anyways, im referring to the winterboard problem.
    2009-05-25 06:10 AM
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    there are apps in Cydia, aptbackup and appbackup that will help restoring easier a bit easier after your re-jailbreak and set it up.
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    2009-05-25 06:13 AM
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    Alright sweet will that save my app data? Like saved games ect
    2009-05-25 06:28 AM