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  1. AegisTheRed's Avatar
    Give me some feedback before I submit this to Cydia

    as well as if you interested in using this theme and want icons other than those visible here, post some clipart of what you want or point me at it and Ill do my best to make it into a Shield Icon for the pack when I submit.

    I have yet to decide whether I want to add some Artwork to the Clock, or what Id even put there.
    Attached Thumbnails The Sword of Aegis-img_0019.png  
    2009-06-04 03:45 AM
  2. SkyGuy5's Avatar
    I like the shields. Adding app icons within the shield icons would be neat. I would omit the clock and place a cool Aegis logo in place.

    Have you designed sliders, lock screen, battery, AT&T logo, etc? If so, show some shots.
    2009-06-04 09:33 PM
  3. Bo's Avatar
    I would agree, an overlay of the app artwork would be cool.
    There are some very cool clock widgets if you really want to do a clock there.
    But, I just love it. Very cool.
    Keep it up.
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    2009-06-04 10:19 PM
  4. AegisTheRed's Avatar
    can you point me at said clock widgets?

    im working on overlaying some of the base apps into shields. Ill try to post them soon.

    the at&t logo is replaced, look at the pic again, the slider looks the same but larger to fit that field.

    I'd do the battery but not sure what to do that wouldnt look cheesy, perhaps ill make the sword sideways and fill up as the battery does with a numerical % listed alongside in a cool font. We will see what I have time/inclination for.
    2009-06-06 03:59 AM

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