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  1. drydo475's Avatar
    I have jsut started using a theme called mobile pod springnav it's a good looking theme but since I've placed my game apps into a categories folder they have stated to crash on launch after working alright for four or five launches. I have searched around for a solution but can't seem to find anything specific though one post did suggest using bosstool though this seems to only to solve cydia being unable to launch/download apps by freeing up space. Can anyone out there had similar problems with categories and suggest a fix
    2009-06-05 08:54 PM
  2. soulthoughts's Avatar
    This sounds like a permissions error. Sounds like you have bosstools. I'm not sure if you fix permissions with it or if it's just available with Bossprefs. Either way, there's an option in Bossprefs if you go into More > Extras & Options > Fix User Dir Permissions.

    Try that.
    2009-06-05 09:00 PM
  3. drydo475's Avatar
    Thanks Soulthoughts I'll give it a try and let you know if it works.

    Cheers soulthoughts it's worked as far as I can tell only one still crashing but this could be a bad install so I'll delete it and reinstall do you know if apps up date whilst in a categories folder or do they have to be taken out
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    2009-06-06 08:41 AM
  4. soulthoughts's Avatar
    Glad it worked. As for apps updating? I THINK they do but I'm not sure.
    2009-06-06 10:20 AM
  5. drydo475's Avatar
    spoke too soon the games I was playing regular were working fine now they have started to crash again do I suppose it's back to the hunt for an answer but thanks again for the help
    2009-06-06 02:45 PM