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    The overlay and text created by Patrese, the Lockscreen by Jibbljab and the wallpaper by me (wow). Some may like it, but if you don't please don't post any negative comments because I am still working on some of it.


    Melting face.rar
    2009-06-06 05:00 PM
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    how would this theme be installed, i think i have some idea so here it goes.

    first have fiverows, fiveicon dock, iblank catagories and make two folders named "apps" and "games" then put everything in except "mail, cydia, calander, weather, settings, ipod, winterboard, apps, games and safari.

    put ipod, winterboard, apps, games and safari in the dock. then place at the top row mail, calander, cydia, weather and settings.

    fill the rest of the rows with blank icons (20 i think) and that shoud do it. then select the theme in winterboard and respring.

    would this do it..................sudeki300
    2009-06-07 06:33 PM
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    O.k this is how I did it, first yeah install Categories and create 2 folders (Apps/Games) and put all the Apps. and programs like that in the Apps. folder and leave out what is there which I have Mail Calendar Cydia Weather Settings on top and bottom iPod/or iPhone WinterBoard Apps Games Safari (5) on the top and 5 on the bottom and you have to leave out the 2 folders (Apps/Games). Do the same with the Games folder. Then make sure you have Five Icon Dock/Five Column Springboard installed off Cydia. Then you will go into WinterBoard and uncheck everything in there, and you will be left with the basic icons and black background. So you will be left with the black background and the 5 on top and 5 on the bottom, then use Winrar to extract the folder to your desktop and make sure you have WinSCP or Diskaid on your desktop and know how to use the SSH program with it. So do that and let me know where you stand, I will check back in a few minutes and yes respring once you have SSHed it into your iPod.
    http://www.ipodtouchfans.com/forums/...69175&page=144 Go here and read about other stuff that relates to this type of theme by Patrese.
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    2009-06-07 07:15 PM
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    i have not tried the theme yet, but if i wanted to change the font for the icons names at the top and bottom of the screen how would i do this.thanks......................sudeki300
    2009-06-07 08:23 PM
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    First read that link I gave you but other than that I have not changed the font, but you can play around with it once you have transfered the theme from the desktop to the iPod using WinSCP or whatever you use. Then go to Private/configureMe.js . and just play around in there and also go and read that link I gave you because you will have to use the Yahoo to find the code for your region (location).
    2009-06-07 08:41 PM
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    it's ok i have just noticed the names of the icons are on the overlay. i thought they were sererate.no worries...........sudeki300
    2009-06-07 08:45 PM
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    Good luck and read that link, it was written by the best in my eyes (Patrese) and there are more themes similar to this at iPodtouchfans.com under the Delnoch themes Discussions. Did you check out my other one at the bottom, Rasberry? Also you can change the Wallpaper when ever you want, just keep all else the same.
    2009-06-07 08:51 PM
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    is there any chance you could do a quick edit of the overlay. where it says calendar, can this be changed to video. thanks....................sudeki300

    i have installed the theme it looks great but i just have one problem the app folder is still showing above the text for some reason. everything else is ok though.................sudeki300
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    2009-06-07 09:44 PM
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    O.k let me put it this way, you see the layout of the text icons at the top and bottom right? So you have to have 5 on top and 5 on the bottom, that includes the Apps/Games icons. So you have to have Five Column Springboard/Five Icon Dock installed off Cydia, and you have to choose 10 total icons on your page you use often which includes the 2 folders (Apps/Games). So go into WinterBoard and uncheck all in there, then respring your iPod and you will end up with 10 icons and you will arrange them at the top and bottom in the way you want. Like I have Mail/Calendar/Cydia/Weather/Settings on top (5), then on the bottom I have iPod/WinterBoard/Apps/Games/Safari (5) right? So let me know what other 8 icons you want on the screen with the Apps/Games icons, and don't worry about your other tools-apps./regular apps./and games, because they will be there and all you do is click on the Apps/or Games folder on your screen and they will be in there.

    For those who want to use this theme, another good thing to install off Cydia to hide the Video icon. Right off the main page of Cydia go to More Sources and install SOSiPhone and then once that is installed go in and find MobileMusicPlayer Flip, which will put your iPod and video together allowing more space on your dock.
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    2009-06-08 10:17 PM