1. lazardj's Avatar
    i am working on them i like to call Neon Elegance. i am done with first version so i want to see if you like it or not. Fell free to comment. Thanks

    i used Widgets and images from few themes and i changed them for my theme...
    Attached Thumbnails Neon Elegance  PREVIEW-img_0002-2.png  
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    2009-06-11 07:40 PM
  2. TheCrow13's Avatar
    I love this package and its layout but I think you may have to do a separate tutorial on how to install it properly, because I love it and I know many will. I know many things like this that was taught to me by a member named Patrese, but there are great things about this theme that will need to be instructed. I would download this in a heartbeat but would need a bit of install instructions, awesome theme and when will it be completed?
    2009-06-11 07:56 PM
  3. lazardj's Avatar
    well i was using that theme byt in parts...i am trying to put 3 Widgets in 1 that is only left to be done...all you need to do to instal it is to put some blank icons and arange them...

    i hope i will publish it soon
    2009-06-11 08:09 PM
  4. r333xxh4v0k's Avatar
    kudos to you!
    2009-06-23 07:22 AM
  5. boomer14903's Avatar
    dude that is one of the best themes i think i ever have seen i like it
    2009-06-24 01:21 AM
  6. lazardj's Avatar
    i will work on it as soon as i get time... i just need to find way to make somethings to work as i want
    2009-06-24 01:53 AM
  7. JuggaloLife's Avatar
    Killer Theme... Awesome, Work And Detail...
    That's Something I'd Put On My iTouch 2G And Brag About It..He he
    I'm Not A Mac Or A PC..
    I'm A Juggalo Computer Geek. M.C.L.
    2009-06-25 08:00 PM
  8. garyaguest's Avatar
    very impressive--can't wait
    2009-06-26 05:56 AM
  9. richcee's Avatar
    Awesome looking!! Will that work on 3.0?
    2009-07-03 08:53 PM
  10. mojays32's Avatar
    its hot but where is it?
    2009-07-04 06:42 AM
  11. mudslag's Avatar
    any way to make the TV with the pic on it, go threw you camera roll or a selected section of images that would fit in those specs?
    2009-07-04 12:00 PM
  12. lazardj's Avatar
    sorry but i dont realy have time right now to finish it.. i will try to finish it as soon as i can..
    2009-07-04 12:01 PM
  13. mudslag's Avatar
    any chance we can get what you got so far? Id like to get the PSD for that bottom dock and that tv. My wife wants to use those on her iphone with a pic our kid
    2009-07-04 12:11 PM
  14. lazardj's Avatar
    heheh as soon as i make it work as it shude i will put download link...
    BTW its not TV its picture frame
    2009-07-04 12:53 PM